The "I have nothing to wear!" Edition: Lips & Stripes

I've talked about recycling my clothes for my blog and the problem of dressing up with the existing items (Tip: Own versatile pieces!) but I'm at the point where I'm like "I am SO READY to own new clothes again."
PS: It's a good point of the year to be feeling this way, anyway, because YEAR-END SALES, GUYS.

Sure, there has to be plenty of things in my closet that I haven't shot for Affordorable but lately I'd scan my closet and feel totally uninspired by what's in there. I have no problem dressing up (well, not exactly none whatsoever, but it's easier) when I'm going out for a day out or for dinner, but it's different altogether when I try to plan my next outfit for a photoshoot - so much so that I had actually put aside a budget for an all-out shopping session/sessions, but in the meantime (before the sales really start, that is), I might as well concentrate on the clothes that I'm already blessed with in my closet.

I don't remember having shot this lips print top at all previously...have I? Since I can't locate it in my archive, it's safe to say this is the first time it's made an appearance here - but the question is why haven't I? It's a perfectly kitschy top that's right up my alley, and I had gotten it like two, three years ago...?


I have a sweater with a similar print but this peplum one is sweeter and more ladylike. I think black-and-white stripes are the easiest to incorporate into a prints-mixed look, because just look at how well they go with the lips print! (Note: Can agree to disagree, girrrlll.)

Wearing: Bershka lips print top  |  Zara long-sleeved t-shirt  |  Striped pants (last paired with red-and-black plaid shirt!)   |  Aldo monk shoes  |  H&M bag

PS: Does anyone use Depop or any other selling app to sell their clothes? I created an account but haven't gotten around to selling anything, only because I find shipping confusing! If you're used to selling clothes, I'd love to hear your experience in it, like what site or app you've used, which shipping company is the most affordable, how to package items, etc. - hope you won't mind spending some time either commenting in the box below or emailing me at, as I would really, truly appreciate the help! XO


  1. Your lips and stripes are just darling Liyana!! I especially like the sweet little ruffle at the bottom of the top and it is perfect with the striped pant. This outfit has a bit of humor and I love that in a style and a person!!
    I hope you find some good advice about selling items and shipping them. I'm clueless. I pretty much donate everything.

    1. I've found some good places to sell but the packaging + posting are the things that baffle me =( Where / who do you usually donate to? How about op shops? I used to shop at op shops overseas but Malaysia doesn't have them, for some reason.


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