Shah and I are so thankful as we recently celebrated our 7-year anniversary! We knew we wanted to go for a little vacation somewhere nearby - with two hours of driving away at most - but for some unexplainable reason we left the planning till the very last day before our anniversary, and had the hotel booked on the very same day as well! (Thank God the place isn't all booked up, since school holiday has started!)
We had a fun, relaxing three-day-two-night stay, just the two of us. Since it was somewhere higher up amongst the mountains where it's a bit cooler, I had the opportunity to wear some of the clothes that I had not worn since my trip to Japan. I'll be sharing with you my outfits from my stay there, but in the meantime here's what I wore on the morning of our anniversary. 
I wanted to go to this pancake place that I've been wanting to try for so long but at the last minute found out that the place was open only at 4pm, so we just went for a super casual brunch somewhere nearby, where I finally had the chance to wear this cutesy wootsy striped jumpsuit I had gotten from Mango months ago during one of their sales. (And wearing only this concealer to even out my skin and a little flicked liner so I don't look completely bare on the face). 

Wearing: Picnic Rope cardigan (seen in Lady Mustard)  |  Mango striped jumpsuit  |  Aldo monk shoes  |  H&M bag