Truth be told, I wish I could look like this every day.

I'm not talking about getting away with wearing the same exact outfit every single day. No, not that - but even if I were, of course I am a hundred percent aware that I can't, because unlike the Duchess of Cambridge, me recycling outfits won't appear as "charming"; it'll just look as if I don't ever wash my clothes.

I'm talking more about how I'm totally feeling the state of this outfit. Casual, but also dressy. Sweet, yet a little edgy. Fun, with a touch of ladylike. Love it or hate it (or like it or dislike it, if you don't feel too strongly about it), I happen to really dig this ensemble.

I am uhbsessed with those darling, bell-like sleeves - but they're made more darling as I don't just get one bell on each sleeve, I get multiple tiers of it. I adore statement-making tops, with details such as ruffles, sequins, embroidery, drapes - you name it, I want it - but tops with statement sleeves makes THE perfect and easiest choice as an addition to a modest fashion wardrobe.

As a hijabi  - who has zero affinity for turbans, may I add, because they look no good on me -  the strategic placement of details on a top plays a huge role in choosing which top to shop for. Like Peter Pan collars, some details that are above my chest area would most probably get lost in translation - or should I say lost under the folds and twists of my hijab. 

If you've been sticking with me through my style-blogging journey for some time, you might have read a few posts describing the kind of fashion hoarder that I am: I'd buy clothes and store them away for ages, constantly finding the "right" moment to put them on - this zig-zag dress is just one of the many, many examples.

I've been told by a few people to just "seize the moment" but I can't, I just can't! I'm a self-confessed through-and-through hoarder, so I might as well choose to embrace that wholeheartedly! 

Out of the six pieces of items I have on in this post (shades, scarf, top, jeans, shoes, and bag = 6), only the scarf has been worn countless times, while the rest is new - OLD new, that is. But one thing to know about me: once I "break" into an item, you can bet I'll be wearing them again and again and again, so nobody has to worry about me being a re-hoarder - or is it double-hoarder...? 
Whatever it is, what's important is, I finally let them out to see the light. Finally coming together to combine the kind of outfit whose vibes I'd want to recreate Every. Single. Day.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the sales to look for more statement-sleeved tops! (And would probably hoard them for a little while, too...)

Wearing:  Top from Berjaya Times Square  |  Zara jeans  |  Mango heels  |  Monki bag  |  Ilymix shades  |  Swatch watch  |  H&M belt