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Shah and I wanted a chill, relaxing vacation for a few days to celebrate our 7th year anniversary (PS: It's normal to anually be surprised at the number of years you've been married to your spouse, right? Like all couples experience that?) and we got it in Bukit Tinggi, which is located about one hour from where Shah and I live - and I actually meant "chill" in the literal sense, too, since the place is a tad higher up in altitude and can get about 10 degrees Celcius cooler than good ol' hot and humid Kuala Lumpur.

My goal during that one-hour drive was really just to be comfortable, because if you've been to Genting Highlands (whose exit is before Bukit Tinggi's, I mean) you'd know how dizzying the snake-like roads up there can get.
Tip: If you're one of those people who can't help but get motion sickness, do NOT lust after any McD's that you'll spot along the way - no no NO.

Thank God I don't get motion sickness easily but as someone who constantly travels as a passenger in a car on looonnnggg drives (Shah's hometown is 4-5 hours away and we go back pretty often), I've learned to prioritise comfort over style; like I legit am in constant fear of bumping into an ex-schoolmate or an ex-boyfriend (horror) or anyone I know - or you even, because in my head, there's that risk of you seeing me and being all "And she calls herself a personal STYLE blogger mah GOD", and I can't handle seeing that on your face to be honest. But this fear is real, guys, so if you see me at any R&R or any stop along the way, and I look like I just rolled out of the bed or similarly, I'd rather you just pretend you don't know me, really...

But even though comfort is number 1, it was my anniversary after all, and if I wanted to look slightly cuter for my husband instead of looking like the usual real-life version of I-Woke-Up-Like-Dis (not the Instagram kind), I think that's totally understandable! Which explains why I put on my precious Adidas floral skirt for this particular trip, instead of sweatpants, or those jeans from my A-Levels days that's gone horribly loose (but so sinfully comfortably, guys) around the hips that I exclusively reserve for long drives.

Speaking of good ol' things, remember this LA sweater? Look at how big that grin was when I wore it for the first time in Tokyo, guys. I remember being stoked at finding it amongst the random sale items in H&M KLCC last year; I was in between my trips to Japan and was determined to find more nice new clothes to bring there, so the moment my hand wrapped around this sweater - which feels SO cosy and lush on - it felt like it was meant to be.
Because Liyana Aris, guys. Of course.

Wearing: H&M sweater  |  Adidas maxi skirt  |  Adidas Superstar snakeskin

PS: Took these photos right outside our hotel room, which had the prettiest lush greenery view and adorable colourful buildings and pretty cobblestones -  can't wait to share with you guys more photos of the French-inspired resort we stayed in!


  1. You look so pretty and happy to be celebrating and making a special occasion of it. Of course your LA sweater is perfect for you and a nice way to recognize taking your husband's family name 7 years ago as well!!
    I am completely in love with your Adidas skirt! It has pansies on it!! They're my favorite flower. I'll have to keep my eye open for one on consignment!
    This was a fun blog because I know you and Shah are enjoying your celebration of love.

    1. Thank you so much, Judy! Yes, Shah and I enjoyed celebrating our seven years together, and pray for more that will come.

      I love pansies too, I think they're such elegant flowers.

      "Aris" is actually my dad's name. In the Malay culture, the wives don't take their husband's family name, so no name-changing is done =) I was going to say 'in Islam' but to be honest, the cultures of Islam around the world differ from country to country (even within countries, really) so I can't speak for the rest!

  2. hi... where do you buy that adidas skirt

    1. Hi, it's fro Adidas. You can see the clothes I'm wearing listed near the bottom of the post, with the brand of each item listed too. Hope that helps!


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