Cosy Hidden Cowl

I feel so grateful and like my old self, recovering from the nasty cold I had contracted on Saturday (from people who never learned to cover their mouth while coughing, like is it not about to be 2017, people?? If you haven't learned by now when will youuu).

This morning I woke up feeling well enough to finally check out year-end sales (after lunchtime, as I was celebrating getting my taste buds back by indulging in brunch), then ended up going to a different mall for dinner to see what else is out there - then promptly regretting my decision, because I ended up buying things I don't love a hundred percent.

So typical, Liyana.
Ty. Pi. Cal. 

But let's see if I can exchange those items tomorrow... (Dang it do stores allow exchange on sale items??)

. . . . . . .

This cowl neck long sweater is one of my cosiest sweaters EVER, one that I've terribly missed wearing as it's much too warm to wear out and about around my hot and humid town! I bought it specially for my previous back-and-forth trips to Japan, during which it ended being really useful; not only is it comfortable but as mentioned, it kept me warm as toast during the super cold winter with just Uniqlo heattech layers underneath (those things are a GODSEND) and a coat on top (like with this zebra coat).

My trip to Bukit Tinggi for my anniversary was the perfect opportunity to break out this sweater from deep inside my closet as the place is a lot cooler than Kuala Lumpur, but when Shah decided to do a quick visit to Genting Highlands - which has an even cooler temp - during night time, I thought, "Perfect!" and did a quick change from this denim-on-denim outfit by substituting the top parts out into this cowl sweater (and hid the cowl under my hijab so people don't think I'm delusional, because we were still in hot and humid Malaysia, after all) and a different pair of shoes.

Wearing: H&M cowl sweater  |  Monki jeans  |  Adidas AdiHoney sneakers  |  H&M bag


  1. Somehow your first photos suggest that you are feeling rhe cooler temperature (?) There's really nothing quite as cozy as a warm swearer.
    I also find that a scarf around the neck is a great layer for achieving that toasty feeling.
    Did you manage to find some maxi dresses with long sleeves??? I imagine that in the warm temps. of Malysia it's pretty tough to find long sleeves.
    Anyway Liyana, I'm looking forward to some fun new stylings!!

    1. You ARE right, it does appear that way, hehe, but it was really just an accidental pose that Shah captured.

      I always felt warmer when I was living in Paris and staying in Tokyo, compared to when I was studying in New Zealand; I wasn't wearing the hijab back then in NZ, so I attributed the extra warmth to the layers on my head and around my neck.

      Unfortunately I didn't manage to find any maxi dress with long sleeves! Well, ones that I like enough to buy, that is. Long sleeves are as easy to find here as any country I've been to! About 60% of Malaysians are Muslims, so dressing modestly is common here, despite the weather!

      I managed to exchange the clothes that I didn't love, thankfully, and I'm really looking forward to wearing new clothes this new year!


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