Split Decision: Denim On Denim

I don't know why so many people hate on denim on denim, but it's totally OK that they do, of course - everyone's entitled to their own opinion. But one thing's fo sho, I'm a total staunch supporter of the "Canadian tuxedo", as some of you might know!

It's not easy to find the right balance with this look, though. I mean, it's quite a challenge to look expensive when piling denims on yourself, isn't it? Britney and Justin's infamous combined load of denims probably cost more than all of my affordable but too many clothes put together (it's hard to have denim-on-denim conversations without mentioning them), so as adorable as they looked next to each other, they don't exactly look like a million bucks, do they?
(PS: We can agree to disagree with the usage of adjective "adorable" to describe the insane amount of denims on them, by the way; you can use "horrifying" and I'd still respect your opinion.)

Basically I'm saying it's too easy to look cheap when you have too much denims on, but this is obviously a balance beam that I don't mind crossing over - and by the way I hate balance beams, so this proclamation is a huuuge deal.

To be completely honest, I don't know how long I'll be into this trend; if the look disappears from street-style snaps, or if a verbal ban is placed on the trend (by people whose fashion taste buds I trust and rely on, that is)...or maybe once I turn 40 years old, I don't know, I might think otherwise, look at old photos of me in jeans shoulders-to-ankles and say to myself "The HECK was I thinking??"

But judging from these pics (taken during the second day of my anniversary trip!), I think it's pretty obvious I won't be changing my tune on the trend anytime soon...

What's your take on the trend?

Wearing: Vintage Levi's denim jacket  |  Miira Mew split-side long t-shirt  |  Monki cat jeans (first worn in Pink Cool Cat)  |  Adidas Superstar Snakeskin sneakers  |  Kate Spade bag  |  Nichii scarf

To see more outfits from my anniversary trip, read When Will My New Favourite Come Along? and Peach Mesh Dress!

PS: Merry Christmas to those celebrating the festivity! I hope it will be an extra merry occasion for you all this year - wish I could be joining in on the feasts that's about to go down! <3


  1. Oh you look SO cute Liyana!!!
    I'd love to hear the story of how you drove an hour for these jeans!!!
    I have a dear friend and former teaching colleague who was diagnosed with lung cancer about 6 months ago. She is a HUGE cat lover and when I happened to see these jeans on Pinterest a couple of months ago I decided to recreate them by embroidering the cat face on a pair of jeans myself!! I haven't finished them yet but I think they're going to come out well!
    Thankyou also for your kind Christmas wishes. I'll be making scallops tomorrow to surprise my husband. It won't quite qualify as a feast but it will be special!
    Your oufit in this post is very cute and you look just darling!!

    1. Hi Judy! I didn't have the time to read and reply to your comments (you're the sweetest for all your thoughtful comments!).

      Basically I was on a serious hunt for those jeans months ago, because the Monki store nearest to my place didn't have the jeans in my size, so I called up the other branches to see which still had it - took me about one hour to get those jeans, but it was worth it!

      I hope you had a great Christmas with your husband, Judy, and I hope he was pleasantly surprised by your scallops! By the way I am OBSESSED with scallops, and to me it certainly befits a feast in my book!

  2. Point of interest - my Canadian friend tells me that they call the denim-on-denim look, the Texas Tuxedo GRIN how's that for sweet irony? In other news, however, you had me with that kitty face embroidery on your knee, Liyana. Purrfect. Sorry, I had to.

    1. I'm not good at making puns but that IS one, right? If it is, I'm very much a pun kind of person, Sheela - usage of word on point, NO APOLOGY NEEDED <3

      That is really, REALLY interesting, what your friend said about 'Texas Tuxedo' - and you know what, it makes a wholeee lot more sense than Canadian Tuxedo, that's for sure!


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