If you're in your late 20s, I will tell you this (as a PSA of some sort): turning 30 might sound scary, but I promise you, being 30 is just as ordinarily amazing as being 29 — and 28, and 27, 26, 25, 24, and so on. (Well, for me 20 was the exception; I would NOT want to relive 2006, nu uhhh.)

But of course, not forgetting the extra-amazing special moments you might experience in between, like perhaps when you scored your first real job, or getting your first real paycheck, or the first day of driving your brand-new car, or when you first fall in love, and maybe the day you get married to the person you fell in love with. ♥ ♥ ♥

    At 30, you might have this jolts of realization from time to time throughout the year, like, "Wait I'm THIRTY now WOAH", but really, it's very unlikely you would fret about the number of your age because you'll be too busy living. And turning 31? Not as big of a deal, apparently.

    If anything, your age is one of the last things to define you, and yet I find that it is also one of the first things to be thankful for. When 13 January came last Friday — thus making me a very wise 31-year old (very wise, OK?) — I was grateful that I have been given the privilege to live this long, to be in good health and surrounded by people that I love who love me right back.
    It was also a reminder and an opportunity to say my thanks to God, and to pray for many more birthdays to come my way!

    If I may, I would also like to add that now that I'm 31, I feel like I am now absolutely entitled to look at younger people and say "Kids nowadays..." darkly while shaking my head disapprovingly. You know, because of all the pearls of wisdom I've collected all along these years, that make me earn that right. One of the perks of being 30 or above, I suppose...?

    OK, so we'll have to continue this talk about how incredibly wise I am some other time, as my real purpose today is to talk about my birthday outfit — which was pretty simple and sweet.

      I'm a ripped-jeans-and-sneakers kinda gal but I thought for my birthday I should step it up a notch with this see-through dark green mesh tulle dress, which I find so-o-o pretty, but since I'm "allergic" to 'overly girlie', the dark green hue balances things out for me.  And of course, the ripped jeans underneath that tulle helps in the balancing, too — it takes more than a pretty dress to break me apart from my ripped jeans, guys.

      Thanks for reading, guys, hope you like the outfit! XO

      Wearing: Zara dress (currently on sale!)  |  Zara t-shirt  |  Zara jeans  |  H&M flats  |  Miira Mew bag