PS: Can my post title be more original?

I've been wanting to try out this trend for monthsssssss, guyslook at how many 'S' I used there, because it really has been the case for months and months. I've done the layering-dress-over-top look before but doing it with a slip dress is a different game altogether.       

The tricky part, as a hijabi, was finding the right slip dress that's decent enough, so I put myself on a slip-dress prowl; I wanted one that has a neckline low enough that it can be seen below the lines of my hijab, yet a neckline that appears modest at the same time. (PS: Low + Modest = legitimately the trickiest part)     

Plus, the dress has to have enough room that it doesn't cling to every curve of my body (especially the curves of my food-baby bump, which isn't that cute, so here's a golden tip: clutches help!).

    I don't think this particular dress is The One but it's definitely the closest one. Instead of layering over a plain tee, I went with this sporty-chic top with bold leopard-print patterns that has bright red and teal hues, just perfect for my belated birthday dinner with Shah!
    Note: We went to a Swiss restaurant in Bukit Damansara that serves raclette cheeseee which was also basically the only reason we went there.

      How do you guys feel about the slip dress layering trend?

      Wearing: Zara top  |  Zara dress  |  Adidas floral Stan Smith  |  Miira Mew bag