Mad For Fringes

Honestly, I didn't even realise I was wearing fringes from head to toe until I see these photos. I mean, even my hijab has fringes, guys.         

(PS: All that's missing is a fringe bag, but I've yet to find one that I simply must have.)       

In case you think I was totally clueless about owning all these fringes in my closet well nah son of course I was very much aware of the fact that the different pieces in this ensemble all have fringes, but it was not my intention to put them all together because they have fringes; I just thought they all look good together.         

Obviously someone is mad for fringes...

      Wearing: Ciaopanic fringed denim jacket  |  Zara t-shirt  |  Mango fringed jeans  |  Mango fringed loafers (last worn in this shabby chic look)  |  Rocawear sling bag


      1. Marilee (Judy) GramithJanuary 28, 2017

        What a cool outfit Liyana. Those little fringes look great together and I like the color combo as well. That's an especially nice print in your hijab!
        My favorite piece is your sunglasses!!
        The blessing lenses are SO COOL!!!

      2. Marilee (Judy) GramithJanuary 28, 2017

        Darn auto correct!!!
        Blue lenses not blessing lenses. Sheese!!!

        1. Those are tapir prints on my scarf, which were what attracted me to them in the first place! I still remember the little shop in Kyoto I bought it from.

          The blue-tinted lens are also known as "computer lens"; they supposedly help filter out blue lights from computer/laptop/handphone screens (or something like that)! I started to get very strained eyes a couple of years ago from looking at screens too much (although not more than any of my peers, I'm sure) so I was recommended them and you know what, they really work! So I'm really glad you think the blue tint makes my glasses look cool, too =D


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