If you're looking to add a face scrub to your beauty routine, look no further than Skin Food Black Sugar Mask.   

Or, you know, of course you can look further, but I don't think you'll regret circling back to this one, that's all.

This Korean beauty 'HG' is referred to as a "mask" but with the addition of the tiny sugar granules inside, it really works more like a face scrub as the granules do its thayng by exfoliating your skin when you're gently massaging it in. It's pretty gentle for a scrub, too; it doesn't irritate my skin in any way, unlike some face scrubs I used in the past that felt a tad brashpartly the reason I stopped scrubbing my skin in the first place! I was initially worried about it smelling too sugary sweet from its name, but I'm so glad I found the scent pleasant enough.         

Unlike most Korean masks—that are of the peel-off kind, whose serum is meant to be left on the skinyou're supposed to rinse this off with water after leaving it to rest on the skin for about 10 to 15 minutes, and that's when you'll remember what it was like to have your old baby-soft skin. No joke.         
Well, except the "remembering" part, because that's not really true; no baby ever knew to appreciate how soft and dreamy their skin is, including you and I. But I've snuggled with my nephew and niece enough to know about #skingoals. Two words: Super. SOFT.

     I'm definitely recommending this product to you all! But perhaps any of you have tried it before?