It's the 1st of February so I want to take this opportunity to wish you all:

This day was conceptualised four years ago as an invitation to non-Muslims as well as the non-hijabi Muslims to try out donning the hijab for a dayor for a part of the day, it really doesn't matter.
You can find out more about this day at the official website of World Hijab Day (and read their About Us page to know the purpose!); I love that they have stories from non-Muslims who tried the hijab for a day and enjoyed it!

I do encourage my non-Muslim readers and my non-hijab-wearing fellow Muslims to try it out, just for fun, because, I mean, why not? It's totally cool to try it out even if you're alone and in front of the mirror in the privacy of your bedroom, just to get a feel of it, too. I did a post last year describing my go-to hijab style so if you're feeling adventurous, give it a go, but placing a cute long scarf on your head and flipping each side to the other definitely counts, too.

I also wrote a little story on why I wear the hijab that is featured on Yahoo! Style UK so do have a read, guys!

(I then found out one of Yahoo's writers had included me in the '12 Hijabi Fashion Bloggers To Start Following Now' list that put me in the same group as all these other amazing hijabis, which is exciting!)
. . . . . . .

About my outfit today: to be honest, the weather in Malaysia doesn't really permit traipsing around town in heavy Timberland boots, but don't believe me when I say "Practicality comes first when dressing up", although I don't remember saying this, have I ever...? If I have, I'm officially taking it back.
I'm wearing them anyway because aren't they the sweetest Timberlands ever? (And so comfy, too!).

      Wearing: Edwin sweater (men's)  |  Bershka jeans  |  Timberland boots