Enjoying The Denim Jeans Buffet: Wide-Legged Jeans

Jeans are having such a good moment currently; it's like the endless options make such an exciting denim buffet of some sort, don't they?

People talk about skinny jeans leaving the style scene but, I don't know, I don't believe they really are. It's just that so many styles are emerging or coming back from the "dead" (talking to you, mom jeans) that we're just spoilt for choices. Maybe I'm just not ready to let go of my slimmer jeansbut you know what, I refuse to let them go, either way.

My search for the best fitting pair of wide-legged jeans (which lasted for a looong time, by the way) ended during one of my sale-shopping trips to Pull & Bear. Kind of uhbsessed with the darker tone and fringe at the hems, guys, I don't know what it is with me and fringes lately, honestly.  Wide-legged jeans are not as easy to style as, say, skinny jeans, but they feel fresh to me after all those skinny and slim jeans I sported throughout the years (but still not getting rid of those, nu uh).

By the way, I kind of fibbed about my "search ending"sorryyy. I know what I said, but my adoration for these wide-legged pair actually just fuel my need to search for another great wide-legged pair...dang it.

Paired these jeans with this black tied top (I also bought it in white because I'm practical like that), strappy black flats, and those badass striped socks from Tokyo that I definitely should have brought back more of.

    Wearing: Zara tied top  |  Pull & Bear jeans  |  Mango flats  |  Issey Miyake Bao Bao clutch


    1. Marilee (Judy) GramithFebruary 04, 2017

      In my 65 years I've pretty much seen every iteration of jeans imaginable and I can honestly say that there's something great about jeans in general and in all ways and forms.
      Yikes Liyana! I rely thought that your shoes had a whole criss-cross thing happening and then I learn that it's your socks!!! You really should have snatched up more of them my dear!
      I love your lippy hijab too!

      1. I didn't intend for my socks and shoes to look like they're 'one being' but once I saw the effect in photos I thought they looked super coolll. And yes I really SHOULD have brought home more of them, why didn't I??

        By the way, Judy, which jeans cut is your most firm favourite, as well as colour? As much as I love experimenting with jeans, if I have to pick one to stick with, I'd still pick a plain (that means no rip, no discolouration, no print, etc), slim cut (not skinny), dark wash pair, because of its versatility. I'm interested to know yours!

      2. Marilee (Judy) GramithApril 29, 2017

        I didn't think I'd received a reply from you in an awfully long time so I decided to back track several posts. I never received this reply in my email!! I wonder why?????
        Anyway, my favorite cut of jeans is still the skinny. I like a medium was without rips. I LOVE embroidered jeans and have several pair. Some I saved from the early 2000's. I've loved embroidery embellished jeans since the 70's and still do!!
        If you look through Jodie Filogamo's Touch of Style posts for last week you'll see me in a few outfits and athletic shoes!
        Email me; I miss hearing from you!

      3. Gosh, I WISH I new why! I'm sure you tick the little "Notify me" box at the bottom every time you comment? I, too, need to visit back other bloggers' page to see if they reply to my comment, since I almost never get any notification. It's quite annoying. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, Judy.

        I just looked at Jodie's blog, and I SEE YOU!!! I love how you have fun with every single look, my favourite has to be the floral skirt + floral sneakers!


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