I read the article The Things You Learn When You Stop Shopping For A Month by Leandra Medine in Men Repeller (after which I chose not to learn the things) but for some reason, this one paragraph particularly struck a chord with me:

"...I totally understand the allure of a uniform. In the past I have thought that in order to wear one you have to really know yourself, really be at peace with who you are and what tenets you want to espouse day in and out. I've never been able to commit to this. I still can’t do it, but man, to be free from choice! If only just once every day! It sounds so delightful, doesn't it?"
    Yes, it really does, especially since I do question my exact style once in a while. Questioning not in the sense that I don't like what I'm putting on / putting together, but more like hypothetically if anyone were to ever ask me "Describe your style in ONE word", I'd be totally stumped.

    Funny thing is, I had one girlfriend describing my style as "maximalistic", but a short while after that another girlfriend called me "minimalistic". So, yes, stumped, because how can I be both things when they're on different ends of one spectrum? Stumped, because I always highly appreciate both girlfriends' opinion.

    STUMPED, I tell you.The closest word I can think of might be "kitschy", and NOT Merriam-Webster's definition of it but the eccentric kind that exists in fashion and art (even if I do say so myself, and I am). I like looking for things with special details on them that make them stand out, but then I'm also in basic staples like jeans and white sneakers a lot, too. All I know is, I enjoy dipping my toes in almost everything available out there!

    Whatever my style is, if there's one thing I have in common with all fashion / style bloggers out there, it is this:
    we ALL want to be unique and dress uniquely in our own way.

      About today's outfit, I eyed this pajama-inspired top in Zara wayyy before it went on sale, but I remember silently praying "Pleeeaaaseee let this top still be available in my size in the year-end sale!", and it WAS available in the sales so yesss.

      Rookie mistake: I didn't even realise it had men's names written all over it (although some are maybe unisex nowadays) until after I bought it, except for 'Jane', which my nephew gleefully pointed out by saying "Peter and JANE! I like Peter and Jane!" (He honestly is the sweetest, cutest thing, really.)

      So, you guys, have you figured out your style yet?

      Wearing: Zara top  |  Ciaopanic culottes (this one)  |  Uniqlo socks  |  Mango derby shoes (last worn with a green bomber jacket)