Is it surprising, to not have owned a pair of Converse when you claim to be such a sneakers lover?
Actually, it probably isn't; I might just like Adidas a tad too much, seeing as 97% of my sneakers collection consists of Superstars and Stan Smiths...

Originally I was dead set on getting a pair of red Converse but I stumbled upon these black pair on sale in a shoe shop that I usually don't bother going into (mostly because they don't stock Adidas Originals). With those multicoloured eyelets, it was love at first sight for me! I don't call myself a "colour chaser" for no reason, you know... Anyway, red Chuck Taylors would have to be put on hold for the time being!

    I thought it'd be interesting to talk about the location of my photo-taking here; it was in the same alley as the photoshoot for my plaid robe, but the umbrellas are all gone now. There are plenty of alleys in this part of SS2 area so if it weren't for the little girl splashing paint at the top, I wouldn't have remembered it was the same exact alley (since my mind doesn't retain memories about the shops beside those alleys!).

    I have no idea who did the art on the walls theresome have plaques filled with info, thoughbut I like how each animal is drawn with something from our local gastronomy: the elephant holding a satay (Shah's favourite), the orang utan with prawn mee (love me some of that!), and the hornbill bird pouring out no doubt a sugar-loaded teh tarik, which has to be everybody's favourite.

        So, anyway, about my future red Converse.....should they be high-top or low-top?

        Wearing: Zara t-shirt  |  Zara frayed jeans  |  Converse All Star with multicoloured eyelets  |  Rocawear bag