I racked my brain for other ways to wear the pants from this striped set because seriously striped cigarette pants are REALLY hard to style, as I had just discovered with these particular striped ones! I can honestly say I have more flattering pants than them in my wardrobe (on me, that is) but I tend to wear what I want to wear anywayjust as everyone should, purely for our own satisfaction (and self-loving and confidence and all that good stuff!).

The morning of this day, I remembered that I bought this burnt orange bomber jacket last year, with zipper at both sides, but also had no idea what to match it with. Coincidentally it matches the stripe in my pants so I consider "Round 1: Match Striped Cigarette Pants With Something Other Than Matching Top" done and dusted! Looking at these photos gives me retro vibes, for some reason...

      Care to share ideas on how to style these pants for Round 2, guys? Because I need help with this one! (And for the jacket, toomuch appreciated!)

      Wearing: Miira Mew bomber jacket  |  Esprit t-shirt  |  Monki pants  |  Adidas Stan Smith  |  Bow & Engel scarf