Once in a while it's kind of nice to feel like a total lady, too, right? I've ditched my ripped jeans and sneakers for skirt and heels, and also added an oxblood mesh split dress underneath my red knit just for "something extra". Although, I must stress the "once in a while" part; as much as these particular studded heels were comfortable enough for a couple of hours of walk, no heels are made for solely for walking, after all... (PS: And you can't drive in heels either; it's hazardous, girls.)

This might be how I do "total lady" but the look is still casual enough to wear out and about on a regular day, don't you think?

    Wearing: Zara knit sweater  |  Zara mesh dress  |  Uniqlo skirt  |  Mango heels (first worn in my green-gold look during Eid last year)  |  Monki bag  |  Niichi scarf