A Little Looney

Or a whole lot of it, sure, why not?

I said on my Instagram that I was going to keep my reflections of 2016 and my resolutions for 2017 to myself (to appear more mysterious and all) but for style's sake, I decided to share one of each in this post, because well why not Liyana WHY NOT - sharing IS caring, is it not?

I had a wonderful year filled with fun outfits last year but as I looked back at my 2016 outfits to choose my top favourites, I realised that I don't exactly want to replicate ALL outfits I've shot. I don't love each and everyone of them; there were some looks compiled of things that I threw together on a whim, hoping they would turn out great in photos, but in a short few weeks afterwards I would look back at these looks and wish I had styled things differently.

While I can't promise I will forever love everything I wear / photograph in this space from January to December 2017 (our taste in style gradually evolves over time, after all!), I will try my best to share outfits that I genuinely like and will want to re-wear again for months after they're shot.
Obviously, I can't predict the future but I'm making a promise to myself that I will put more thought and effort into each outfit before it appears in this blog.

This outfit was taken a few weeks before my anniversary trip to Bukit Tinggi with Shah. I don't hate it, but I'm not even sure I like it from had to toe. I'm still sharing this outfit anyway though because my Looney Tunes top never made it into my blog before and I'm not sure why, because I bought it in 2015, guys.
(And also because, well, I look kind of nice and decent in these photos, I don't want to banish them into oblivion forever.)

Not to say that you won't see me in something similar having dinner somewhere casual with Shah, with my glasses on and not a stitch of makeup whatsoever - still being realistic here, don't worry. Just saying you (hopefully) won't see a similar look in a future post!

But more importantly, I hope that whatever looks you'll be seeing in here are the ones that will resonate with YOU.

Can't wait to share my first shot outfit of 2017 with you guys soon XO

Wearing: Pull & Bear Looney Tunes top  |  Avan Lily shirt (part of this striped set) |  Esprit jeans  |  Adidas Neo fringed sneakers  |  Adidas backpack


  1. Do NOT get rid of this Looney Tunes sweater/sweatshirt. It's cool and I love the way only "some" of the characters are colored.
    Even when this top is worn by time it will be comfy and unique. You look cute here dear!

    1. Nevah, Judy! Even if I stop wearing it I'll most probably just have it in my closet, just because Space Jam and Looney Tunes bring me fond childhood memories - but I still wear it from time to time, even if I don't photograph it. I love that about the top too, that even though every surface is filled with characters, most are white spaces, and the random spots of colours make it less "in-your-face"!


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