It was time for Shah and I to head home after a relaxing few days at Bukit Tinggi but I couldn't leave without visiting the Animal Park! Hardly the most glamorous place to snap some outfit photos, but pretty exotic too, wouldn't you say, mmm? The deers in the background are SO adorable, guys.

Shah and I already checked out of our hotel before heading to the park but not before I made some changes to my previous outfit; since we were going to descend to Kuala Lumpur from the cooler Bukit Tinggi, the red-pink padded jacket would have left me feeling suffocated from the heat that awaited me, so I switched into this much thinner green bomber jacket.

I actually forgot to bring a belt with me on this trip! I panicked for a bit as these jeans desperately need to be held in place, so imagine my relief to discover that one of the gift shops at the hotel sell belts! I decided to pick the flashiest one of 'em all - I did good, didn't I? But what I did remember was to change my white sneakers to these black shoes, because, well, since the park is like a tiny petting zoo, animal excrements are kind of inevitable (we had to thread the park's grounds extra carefully), and I'm not about to ruin my very, very white Superstars...

Wearing: Miira Mew Mew bomber jacket  |  Zara jeans  |  Aldo oxford shoes  |  Kate Spade bag  |  Aldo sunnies