All Neutrals

You know how some people say leopard-print is a neutral? By that definition, I'm wearing an all-neutral outfit here.
Which is RARE for me, guys.
(But it has also sorta happened, once.)

One trend from last year that I was excited to bring into 2017 is statement sleeves, like this tier action. The black sweater that I have on here looks basic at first glance but I think the little chiffon underlay is darling, and I LOVE the tied detail going on at the end of those sleeves.

    I turned 31 on Friday by the way, guys! Can't wait to share the outfit I wore on my birthday, but first I want to say thank you to my sweetest cousin Achot for getting me these studded strappy ballet flats as an early birthday present last month <3<3<3

    Wearing: Zara top  |  Pimkie jeans  |  Mango flats  |  Chloe Marcie Mini bag


    1. The leopard print scarf is lovely with your complection Liyana and I like the little handbag that repeats the color nicely.
      Your cousin really gave you a fabulous birthday present. Those black flats are great!!!! I also like the little details in your top; especially the ruffle at the sweater hem.
      Happy Birthday dear Liyana!! Can't wait to see your birthday outfit!

      1. Thank you for the wish, Judy XXOO <3 <3 <3

        I added the bag to "tie it all in" so I'm happy you noticed it =) My cousin did a good job, didn't she? And I love the ruffles, too, definitely adds something to such a plain black top.


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