"I woke up like this."

You know...because of the pajama-like matching number I have on here...?

Lame jokes aside, I can't remember how my preference for pajama-like ensembles came about but I'm pretty positive Pinterest was the number one culprit; my 'Style Inspiration' board includes plenty of photos of street-stylers in their best fancy jammies, photographed mid-movement while walking outside fashion shows venues.

Perhaps it's more acceptable for them to be wearing pajamas in public, because these people were at fashion week, wanting to be photographed making a fashion statement and all...but what is my excuse? Their "public" isn't the same as my "public", after all, so if you're asking "Liyana why would anyone wear her PJs while going to the mall?", I'm just going to answer with:


but only as an attempt at deflection, because if you ask me that question it probably means you hate the guts of my outfit (so maybe it's nicer if you don't ask it to my face and just gossip about it behind my back like normal people).

In all seriousness and honesty, though? I just genuinely think matching sets are cute. That's it - simple as that. Plus, the matching sets/"pajama" that I wear out are fortunately comfortable enough to be passed off as actual pajamas, so regardless of how the public feels about this trend, I'll just be over here, happily recycling this outfit (and also this other one) again and again!

Wearing: Monki striped top  |  Monki striped pants  |  H&M ballet flats  |  Rocawear sling bag (SUPER OLD)