Who Wore It Better: Me or...Me?

I repeat outfits that I particularly like all the time because, first of all, it's the practical thing to do, and I'm not entire without practicality, am I? (Answer: If it seems otherwise, I'm really not, I promise.) Plus, there's the question of not being able to afford a hu-u-u-ge closet filled with just enough items and things that could provide me the ability to wear an entirely new outfit, comprised of brand-new everything, every single dayor even every single weekend, as a matter of fact, which is when I get my outfit shots taken.

Also, well, I admittedly get just a tad lazy sometimes...but don't we all? (PS: It'll make me feel better to know I'm not the only one!)

Recently I wore this pajama top + culottes combo with pink scarf and derby shoes, but I liked the combo so much that I was willing to re-wear it again this soon! Here I substituted the pink and black with navy blue scarf and my baby Converse. Just goes to show, how you accessorize an outfit can make all the difference! With sneakers on, the vibes are a lot more casual here, compared to my more formal black derby shoes.

Which of the two is your preferred styling though?

    I almost didn't buy this blue scarf (also worn with this burnt orange bomber) but I'm really glad I did, for its uniqueness. I imagine plenty of people who see it up-close would think someone drop a confetti of thread scraps on my head that messily got stuck on my scarf, because of the tiny, tiny colourful threads sewn-in in a scattered manner all over the scarf, but is it weird that that is exactly why I like it so much?

    Wearing: Zara pajama top  |  Ciaopanic culottes  |  Converse All Star sneakers  |  Rocawear bag  |  Zara scarf


    1. Can't help falling in love with those darling sneakers yet a second time. The scarf and sneaks are a fabulous color repeat. You're looking sporty and cute.

      1. Yay, thank you, Judy! I like how the blues are all "tied" into this look, too.


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