InstaLiyana: January 2017 + IFB Links à la Mode, February 16th

I feel like plenty of people regard January as one of their least favourite months, possibly due to the facts that it's the month after Christmas and also one of the coldest months in the calendar for a lot of countries. Since my birthday falls on 13 January every year, it's obviously my most favourite month evahhh so Imma just disregard y'all's feelings about January.

Besides, if you wish for January to never happen, none of us would be blessed by the presence of the best, most interesting, most beautiful people to have EVER lived on planet Earth, OKKK, and I'm going to prove it to you by naming these January-born superstars in the hopes that if you ever said you hated January you'll take it back: Oprah Winfrey (Queen that she is), Muhammad Ali, Stephen Hawking, Michelle Obama (women's female bae everywhere), Kate Middleton, Siti Nurhaliza (Malaysia's Sweetheart), J.R.R. Tolkien, Ellen DeGeneres, Emma Bunton (Spice Girls won't be the same, guys), Mozart, Orlando Bloom (three words: Le. Go. LAS), and, um, it'd be a little narcissistic if I put my name on this list with all these people, but I happen to be number one on Shah's list, so that's pretty important, too. 

Anyway! Here's what went down on my Instagram in January:

The best part of Chinese New Year is getting myself a big box of the sweetest, juiciest mandarins!

One of my best friends took me out a day before my actual birthday for brunch and she got me a hazelnut meringue cake with a candle on it to go with our coffees (like a lot of resturants, the staff joined my friend in singing 'Happy Birthday' before I blew the candle
always fun!).

I tried out truffle fries for the very first time on my birthday and I was like DAYUMMM how did I not get introduced to truffle fries at a much earlier time of my life? Like, how?? I've been missing out!

January is special to me not only because it's my birthday month, but it is also my baby sister and my niece's birthday month! For the past four years we always do something special together as a family to celebrate the three of uslook at Arya taking my outfit photo! (She was using her toy camera but still, girl's got potential!)

By the way, do Starbucks barristas always spell your name correctly? Not that I blame them for not getting mine correct every time, because I'm pretty sure they don't enjoy getting their customers' name wrong. I mean, I'd personally feel anxious about it constantly!

One Utama has one of the prettiest Chinese New Year decors amongst all malls!      One of my favourite Italian restaurants has posters of old movies up on the walls of their branches, and I noticed I haven't seen any of these movies nor even heard about some of them. Which led me to this: as much as I love looking at photos of Audrey Hepburn (whose immense beauty was a DREAM), when I started watching Breakfast at Tiffany's a couple of months ago on Netflix I'm experiencing trouble finishing it, but have continued to finish loads of other movies and tv shows. Perhaps old movies are just not my thing...? But I should finish it, shouldn't I?

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