How I Do The Track Pants Trend

I mean, did anyone actually predicted that side-striped track pants would be considered stylish some day? Gotta love the unpredictability in fashion! But in all seriousness, I'm sure that without the undeniable existence of conformism in fashion, the track pants would be a trend that is unanimously hated on.
Not unlike mom jeans, which we ughed yearsss ago, yet now suddenly it's on every major fashion "It" person at fashion week, amirighttt?

    The fact that I genuinely love these "track pants" surprised myself; I bought it thinking it was something to throw on when I need to be out of the house in a hurry, but I'm definitely rethinking its potential. My favourite detail about it is the vertical line at the front of each leg which lends a hint of formality, and somehow brings what would've otherwise been a regular track pants to next-level!

    I paired this blue side-striped pair with my Adidas Tokyo tee and grunge-y ripped denim jacket, but soften the whole look by finishing with my favourite slingback flats and the fluffy chain bagwhich is, by the way, one of my best purchases from Tokyo.

      I can see how the track pants trend might be a love-it-or-hate-it kind of thing, though, but how about you? Are you into this trend as well?

      Wearing: Mango ripped denim jacket  |  Adidas Tokyo t-shirt (will forever miss Tokyo!)  |  H&M track pants  |  H&M flats  | Furry bag from Nishi Ginza mall, Tokyo


      1. I hate to burst your bubble my dear Liyana but this trend was already alive and well in the late 80's.
        You look darling in them and I especially love how your hijab picks up the black and white theme of the pants but in a new way!
        That Tokyo tee is perfect with the jean jacket and the pants.

        1. Feel free to burst any bubble you might think I'm in, Judy, hahaha! I'm glad you think the look suits me.

          These trends seem to take turn being centre stage, don't you think? I noticed the recent influx of track pants in high-street stores (even my mom got a pair on the same day I bought these, although her pair is all-black and a lot classier!) and I'm also seeing more of them in street style photos of the current fashion week. Hopefully my favourite stores will keep on making them because it's such a good modest trend for hijabis.

      2. I've been struggling with this trend Liyana....The reason is that many people (and I mean a surprisingly huge number) of people seem to wear trackies and "shoes" in a totally non-fashion way.
        I mean in a "Can't be bothered getting dressed, just grab what's around" kind of way.
        I see them on the bus ALL the time.
        Unwashed and "undressed"..... yuck.
        The occasional fashion-forward tracksuit wearer is a real novelty, and a sight for sore eyes!
        I love this look and I am determined to give it a go myself....soon!
        Fake Fabulous | Style and fashion, over 40

        P.S. I was very interested in your comment on my midi skirt/denim shirt and wondered what style/design/colour of scarf you would pick. I would be super pleased if you let me know....purely for my own inspiration! XXX

        1. Your description of them certainly sounds yuck! Doesn't it make you wonder if these people even bothered brushing their teeth before leaving the house? (Because I did when I used to see them when I was a student at uni...)

          I imagine with your slender limbs you'd look absolutely cool in fancy track pants, Samantha, and I don't doubt you'll do an amazing job at accessorizing. Looking forward to seeing it on your blog!

          PS: Will do so!


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