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Every time I purchased a bottle of the pricey Shu Uemura Skin Purifier Cleansing oil, I seemed to run out of it at a pace my wallet definitely did NOT appreciate. As much as it's worth the price, after my last bottle emptied I decided to go rogue and try out drugstore cleansing oils for makeup-removing, dabbling with the purple Biore onenot a fan of thisand the blue and green Neutrogena ones which I found to be kind of meh, so I continued to be on the lookout for a good, affordable product.

Althea, the online destination for Korean beauty and makeup, has pretty much sponsored my skin care for the month of February by sending a huge box filled with "surprise" beauty goodies (and to a bunch of other bloggers too, in case anyone thinks I'm special), and in the box arrived two makeup-removing productsso convenient for me, guys.

There are a bunch of products in the Althea box but I'll concentrate on the makeup removers for now: Calmia Rooibos No Wash Cleansing Water and Hope Girl Jamong Cleansing Balm.

Hope Girl Jamong Cleansing Balm
Let's talk about the good stuff first: I absolutely adore the grapefruit flavoured Jamong Cleansing Balm. It really does resemble "melting sherbet" as it's claimed on the little box it comes in! Putting aside its physicality, this cleansing balm really does work, leaving no trace of makeup behind after I'm done using itmaybe working even just as well as Shu Uemura's cleansing oil, which is a big statement to make!

After I wipe away my eye makeup (I love these Biore wipes for that), I would scoop out a huge gunk of this and massage it on dry skin and rinse it off with water bit by bit, continually working any leftover around my skin.

Calmia Rooibos No Wash Cleansing Water
 Now, the Rooibos one, on the other hand, is unfortunately not the best cleansing water I've used. It does remove makeup pretty well, which is the only reason I'm still using it, but for the love of tear-free beauty products this cleansing water just stings my eyes a little too much. I'll be sticking with my firm Biore fave for my eye area!

I'll be updating with more beauty stuff from the same box, which also includes the best vegetarian (?!?) mask I have EVER used, so do come back to this space for that in the near future <3

Thank you Althea for sponsoring the products! I may not have paid for these products but my opinions of them are honest and entirely my own.


  1. I've seen a lot of our local MUAs are using the Honey Bee Venom Cream from Hope Girl and they seem to like it, same goes to the serum and concealer. So, I'm guessing their cleansing balm must be good too and I can't wait to try! but am I missing something here? because I can't seems to find Hope Girl products on O__O

    ieyra h. | blog

    1. Hello Ieyra,

      You are right; I checked the site and mysteriously this balm and other Hope Girl products are not available. Must be an error on their side...? I think I'll email their team and ask about this, and I'll update here as soon as I hear from them. Thanks for pointing that out Ieyra!

    2. Hi Ieyra,

      Hope this gets back to you: I got a reply from Althea team saying Hope Girl products will be available again on their site next week! I like the sound of their Honey Bee Venom cream so I might look into that myself too.


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