What I'd Probably Wear If I Work At An Office

But since I don't (work at an office, that is), I'm just going to wear the outfit on a day out during the weekend, because why not. LOVE the trumpet sleeves on this striped top, by the way, and such a gem sales find at RM 40, which is like 10 USD (!).

I'm very much into these ribboned mirror block heels I wear here at the moment (seen more clearly with these tiered baby); I wore it on both days this past weekend, on Saturday for a wedding and for another outfit shoot on Sunday. Which reminds me of this story: I went to my friend's wedding in December 2015, in this floral black dress paired with these nude flats. My friends and I were having fun catching up and taking photos afterwards when one of them said to me, "Those shoes don't really match that dress, though, do they?"

For the longest time, I didn't own a single pair of black "feminine" shoesyou know, like ballet flats or heels (I swear this is true). I had a couple of nude ones, electric blue, red, but no black, which obviously should be a staple in anyone's closet! Perhaps I liked colours too much...

Now, however, I own five pairs of black heels / flats, which probably stemmed from my friend's comment to me on that day. To be honest, I think five is a ridiculous number but the damage has been done, and by "damage" I mean me accruing five pairs of black shoes in a short few months instead of, say, only three pairs (three just seems more practical).

After hearing her commentwhich was said in the gentlest way an honest best friend couldI might have feigned outrage (and to be honest felt a little insulted on the inside) but seriously though, I'm now genuinely glad for what my friend said, because a style wake-up call was exactly what I needed. What are girlfriends for, right?

    Wearing: Pull & Bear striped trumpet sleeves top  |  H&M high-waisted pants  |  Mango mirror block heels  |  Lancel Premier Flirt canvas bag  |  Aldo shades


    1. Your look would translate very professionally Liyana. Those sleeves are fun and I don't think 5 pairs of black shoes is too many for a working woman especially! You know you'll make good use of them!

      1. The trumpet (bell?) sleeves are what made me bought the top!

        I agree; if I were to work in an office, I might actually even own MORE than five...but I don't! Anyway I just have to make sure I give every pair plenty of lovin' now that they've come into my possession, right? I'll try my very best to make good use of all five =D

    2. I love this Liyana....and I don't even like black!
      It's so cool and modern but simple and elegant....perfectly played!
      Fake Fabulous | Style and fashion, over 40

      1. I'm not sure I remember reading about you not liking the colour black, Samantha, but that makes SO MUCH SENSE, as I almost never see you in black! You did wear that drapey black top in your last ping pong post (I think it's the last one?) but I know it isn't yours. I wonder if you even own any black garment of your own, aside from accessories and shoes?

      2. Hmmmmm.... black bags, skinny jeans, and a couple of other (rarely worn) bits. Mostly evening clothes.
        It sometimes feels that EVERYONE is head to toe black here, especially in winter and it is so drab and dull.
        I find black depressing, unflattering (on my skin) and frankly boring. When I wear black I need something else to happen (like a vinyl texture).
        A black uniform would be my worst nightmare!

      3. I totally understand. Lucky for you, you're one of those women that look beautiful in every other colour, even with your gorgeous flaming red hair! I always read about red-haired women complaining too many colours don't suit them but they can learn a thing or a hundred things from you, I think.


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