February Skin Care Routine That Really Works For My Skin

Prior to mid last year, I was the kind of person who faithfully stick to a skin-care range for as long as I could, come rain or shinethat is, until my skin started to breakout like CRAZY (which I had copiously described in this NARS concealer post). That was when I realised no matter how vigorously I maintain the "right" skin care routine, my facial skin is not excused from hormonal imbalance or allergic reaction.

In turn, I had a strong reaction to that realisation by going from "safe and boring" (having only one to two brands in a skin care routine) to "Imma just experiment the heck out of this!!!" (trying out any product I desirethose with high ratings, of course).

Not going to lie: as excited as I was to break out of a beauty rut, it was nerve-wrecking as well, what with the constant worrying if a product is going to break me out or not. However, I am happy to report I have not had a bad reaction from my experiment so far. In fact, my February products have been incredibly, incredibly kind to my skin!

As mentioned in my previous post on the makeup removers, I've been using Korean beauty products in Althea's February surprise box. Out of the four products in today's post, three have won me over, but I'm going to go ahead and break down the four items:

Missha Deep Clear Cleansing Foam
I rarely let a product's scent sway my thoughts on their effectiveness but can we just talk about how gorgeous this foam smells? It really doesand there I was thinking I'd like my facial products to be as scentless as possible! It lives up to the title 'foam', too; it builds up into this dense foam, and not like the weak bubbly kind I'm used to. I only need to use the smallest amount to cover my entire face, plus it does feel like my face is thoroughly cleansed after using it.

    Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner
    This is actually my second bottle Wonder Pore Freshner toner, as I had purchased one myself last year. I made a mental note to get a fresh bottle as I finished the last drop, so imagine my excitement when I discovered it in Althea's box soon after! While I can't attest to every single of the "10 in 1" claims (my pores don't seem to shrink), oil-control is noticeably better with this product; I'm less shiny now, which is a feat for my oily-combination skin.

    It's My It's My Sun Cream
    Nope, I didn't accidentally typed "it's my" twice; the product's name is It's My Sun Cream, and it's from the brand It's My. It has an SPF 45 which is a good high number, but I haven't been out under the sun enough to prove this product's effectiveness. For me personally, I just dislike the strong scent of sun screen and sun block in general, like this one has. You guys know that scent, right? I tend to stick with sun protection products with added pleasant scentwhich arguably might affect how well it works, but thankfully I'm rarely under sun light! This is the one product from the box that I rarely reach for and most probably won't be repurchasing.

    Onsaemeein Perfect Moisture-Cream
    This cream is recommended for dry skin but it suits my oily-combination skin beautifully for some reason. The texture is unlike any I've used before; I have to literally scoop it out instead of just swiping my finger inside the jar and having the cream sticks to my finger, as is the case with most creams I've used. Does that make sense? I also love the pleasant smell this cream has to offer. My skin gets shiny and oily pretty easily but it constantly feels parched, so for me, the best part of this cream is it really does a great job hydrating my skin! A huge plus: no breakout whatsoever.

    I will absolutely purchase the three products that I love myself and would recommend you to give them a try. There is another product from the box but I feel like it deserves an entire post, all on its own, so watch out for that review soon!

    Have you tried any of these products? If not, are you into K-beauty at all?

    Huge thanks to Althea for sponsoring these products! I may not have purchased any of them myself but my reviews of them are honest and entirely my own.


    1. Marilee (Judy) GramithFebruary 25, 2017

      Oh my, you're on a "research roll" my dear. Getting expensive?

      1. I'm not sure what getting expensive means...? I was gifted with a box filled with beauty stuff (conveniently so as I just ran out of most of my skin care products) so I've been using them throughout the month. As a courtesy I'm reviewing every single one of them.

    2. Skincare aside...(I know that these products would give me a big PURPLE and sore face).... I love how you used Lisa's book as a backdrop to your photos.
      Fake Fabulous | Style and fashion, over 40

      1. Her book is photo-worthy, isn't it? I love the back of the book even more.

        I know what you mean, I don't deny these products won't suit women of every age. I would still recommend the two creams though, but I suspect they're not easy to get outside of Asia.


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