Best Face Mask Ever (So Far): Skin Food Bitter Green Clay Soothing Mask

Not to be confused with the best face scrub ever (but is called a mask)!

This was one item that surprised me in Althea's February box. Obviously vegetables are crucial in our diet but I never thought to seek out a beauty product with veggies as contributors to their ingredients. Skin Food Bitter Green Clay Mask claims to include the goodness of wheat sprout (WHEAT sprout? Who dat?), kale, celery, broccoli, and cabbage. Aside from wheat sproutwhich, when Googled, looks like something like my classmates and I "harvested" as a science project when we were 10I genuinely enjoy consuming all of those veggies listed, so I suppose I shouldn't be that surprised that I love this clay mask just as much.

The scent is interesting, to say the least. Very vegetable-y, I suppose? If you're not a fan of greens you might cringe at its clean "green" scent but as a veggie-lover, I'm at peace with it. The texture is just as interesting, with bits of clumps in the mask that are especially obvious once the mask dries on your skin.

The mask is described as "anti-dust & purifying"; honestly, guys, I'm puzzled at the "anti-dust" part as much as you are. I suppose it has to do with how dust in the air can interfere with the condition of our skin (?maybe?) somehow, but anyway I'm very much on board with the "purifying" part.

The result is really the surprise element here. I thought the "best face scrub ever" (mentioned in the first line of this post) gave me the best instant supple skin I could hope for but this clay mask managed to surpass that result; if that face scrub gave me 'baby-soft skin', then I guess this one gives me the ultimate baby-buttocks smoothnesswhich, I assume, is proof for the "purifying" claim. I can't imagine discovering a better clay mask than this, especially considering its affordability, but I do look forward to discovering that theoretical product!

And that ends my reviews for Althea's February picks! Check out the other two posts on the other products here:

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Thank you Althea for sponsoring my February skin care routine! I did not pay for these products but my reviews on them are honest and entirely my own.


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