Put A Robe On It

I can't remember when was the last time I've gone by this long without blogging about an outfit, but it feels good to be back at it again!     But first of all, a piece of news: I'm in Shanghai.


It was a pretty sudden work trip for Shah, a hundred percent confirmed only the day before we were due to leave. I actually didn't get to sleep on Tuesday night because I was so busy packing and setting up my VPN, only napping for half an hour in the car to the airport after we left home at 6am.

I'll be here for about a month (!!!) so I'm looking forward to experiencing all the good stuff herealthough I have a feeling "all the good stuff" won't involve as much shopping, since I've visited some local high-street brands which seem super pricey. Guess I'll just concentrate my energy on getting all touristy and immersing myself into the local culture instead!

Back to this outfit: I've had this robe for the longest time, made by one of my best friends Che Pah (who also made this intergalactic scarf). I kept stepping on the hem but had it shorten only recently, which is why it's never made an entrance on Affordorable before.

It was a lazy Saturday for me, with no inkling of my future trip to China! I went out without a stitch of makeup (hence the shades) with Shah for lunch, where we split a pizza and shared a milkshake and a kale salad. I know it sounds as if I ordered the salad to "balance out" the pizza + milkshake (nope, I didn't) but kale is actually my most recent new-found favourite so I've been ordering it any time I can find it on a menu.

I haven't had time to plan what to do this weekend with Shah but I do know I have to layer up! I had anticipated warmer weather as we just entered March, but boy was I wrong. I'm known to be less tolerant of cold weathers but even Shah was getting numb from the cold last nightSO glad I brought my heat techs with me. (PS: But even if I didn't there's a Uniqlo ten minutes away from where I'm staying anyway!)

Wearing: Covered by Sipi robe  |  Zara t-shirt  |  Zara jeans (worn first with this chiffon robe!)  |  Mango mirror block heels  |  Mirrorcle ring bag


  1. I LOVE THIS. You look freaking awesome :)

  2. This is a cool look Liyana! The aviator sunglasses and the great black pumps make it feel very serious. The color of the robe really suits you and I like it with the black of your scarf and pale denims.
    Two weeks in Shanghai sounds so exotic! I hope you immerse yourself in the culture and learn a lot!

    1. I don't really own any other olive green stuff in my closet, but since you said it suits me, I think I'm going to keep my eyes open for more of it...

      I'm excited about Shanghai, it's been surreal so far!


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