New Aviator Glasses

I experienced uncomfortable, strained eyes for the past couple of months and suspected my eyes' power shifted, which in my mind usually mean one thing: new frames opportunity YESSS.
Obviously the more practical route to take is to just add in new prescription lenses into whatever current frames I use but as much as I loved the one I got in Tokyo, I was ready for a fresh change in my daily glasses look.
Also, fortunately for me, the shop I went to got my glasses ready just in time for my Shanghai trip!

    Aviator-style glasses are now on-trend again and I for one could not have been more excited, because I think they make wearing glasses feels less of a chore and wayyy more fun. I remember gazing wistfully at photos of my mom and dad when they were young adults, looking nonchalantly hip and super, super cool in their bell-bottoms and aviator glasses. The moment I put them on it was like "YAS I look like Mak and Bapak circa 70s this is the dream."

    I get that this choice of style is going to be slightly scandalous and certainly not everyone's cup of tea (the aviator shape will grow on my siblings, I'm positive about it!). I'm going to tell you outright though: no one's opinion matter, as I am SO PLEASED to tell you that my mom loved the look on me.
    More importantly? I love it on me. Plus, I'm not going to lie, I think they're kind of freakin' stylish, and I don't hesitate to wear them out at alla far sentiment from "2015 Liyana". Major brownie points: love how the aviator frame suits my usual makeup!

    . . . . . . . 

    I usually get my outfit shots taken on weekends because my "photographer" has a full-time 8-5 job (sorry, just had to air-quote my main bae the engineer's unwanted second job) but since I love this fuzzy cardi so much (see here and here) I asked Shah to shoot it in this well-lit mall in the East Nanjing area. Shooting indoor usually result in weirdly lit photoslike these here, as a matter of factbut I'm glad the photos turn out OK after editing them.

      Wearing: Zara jacket  |  Libby Rose denim jacket  |  Adidas floral t-shirt  |  Zara frayed jeans  |  Adidas Stan Smith


      1. Aviator glasses have always been cool on some level. The wire frames on yours appear to be a pale blue. I like that!!
        Your hijab nicely enhances the color as well. This is a fun new look for you Liyana!!

        1. It's actually metal grey but very reflective. I'm glad you like the new glasses! And you're right, the glasses go really well with this particular scarf too, doesn't it? I'm definitely having fun playing around with my looks with these glasses at the mo.


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