Grey Coat + Slip Dress

Before I travel to anywhere, I always make sure to check the general upcoming temperature of the place I'm visiting, just so that I could have a better idea of what to bring. Well, somewhat of a better idea, I should say, because this time I made the mistake of bringing only one proper winter coat. I mean, one!!! You'd think this was my first time ever travelling...

Like I mentioned in my Put A Robe On It post, I honestly thought it would be slightly warmer. I did pack enough heat techs and thicker sweaters to help me cope with the cold but I can't just go on for one whole month with just one coat, can I? (Also, imagine how boring my outfits posts would be if they all feature the same outer-wear...)

As much as I would've liked to buy something from a local brand here, I ended up choosing favourites from my regularly frequented high-street stores; I found a waterproof navy winter bomber jacket from Zara but Shah reeeaaally was a fan of this grey coat from Bershka, which he ended up buying for me as well. I'm not that into greys usually but Shah made a really strong case for it. (Besides, as much as I dress for myself, I also like my man thinking I look cute, can you blame me?)

    As it turns out, this jacket, which covers my neck and chin when zipped all the way up, served me really well the other night when we went to watch Logan at a nearby cinema late at night when it was getting windy, so thanks Shehhh XXXOOO

    Underneath the coat is the slip dress I wore for my birthday dinner earlier this year with the leopard-print multicoloured top, and this simple long-sleeved t-shirt with exaggerated long sleeves by Zara (so handy at keeping my hands warmer!).

      Wearing: Bershka coat  |  Zara top  |  Zara slip dress  |  Bershka slip-ons


      1. Shah is absolutely correct! You are VERY cute in this coat. Grey is also extremely versatile.
        I also like the hijab you paired with it!!!

        1. For some reason I've never taken a real liking to grey in general, only wearing a selected few grey pieces, but I do acknowledge its versatility, so I'm going to expand on it! And that's one of my most favourite scarves, currently <3


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