Bomber Jacket, Pinstripes & Cat-Ears Beanie's Comeback

You'd think wearing a hijab would mean I don't need the help of a beanie to keep my head warm, but nooooooo. God knows why; my body strangely loves distributing heat to the outer environment!

PS: Shah is always worried sick at how icy cold my feet can get but they are almost the norm for me whenever I'm in cold weathers — always been that way, since I studied in Christchurch. Does that happen to you guys as well?

    I've mentioned the debunked myth that most heat leaves through your head (supposedly 20% of body heat, but it's not true!), but I'm pretty sure a lot does leave through my feet — and then an additional 10% of whatever remaining heat flows away from my head.

    Hence, me needing a beanie (and thick socks of course), so thankfully I brought my trusty cat-ears beanie on this trip, that I first wore in Tokyo.

      You might have checked out the grey coat Shah bought for me but this navy blue bomber jacket from Zara was my chosen one. I don't think navy blue is anyone's go-to colour but I personally love it; somehow I feel like the colour has always suited my complexion, as weird as that sounds. I also wanted a waterproof jacket so getting this jacket was a no-brainer, plus the padding really does keep me extra warm and cosy (albeit only from the hips up).

        Pairing the jacket with pinstripe pants that I got on sale from a local brand (a local brand, YES!) and I also nicked Shah's Adidas t-shirt to go with it. Not my usual look but this whole garb feels a little androgynous and kind of cool (to me, at least), but I can't decide if those cat-ears are bringing the "hip" factor down a bit...or perhaps raising it? Not that it matters either way, because it's a constant cosy presence on my head here in Shanghai, and cosy is what really matters right now.

          What do you think of my slightly androgynous ensemble here?

          Wearing: Zara bomber jacket  |  Adidas t-shirt  |  Hotwind pants  |  Adidas Stan Smith sneakers  |  H&M beanie


          1. Seriously, how do you make cool look so easy?

            1. I'm happy you think I look cool but it's totally by accident, really, hahaha.

          2. I also love navy blue and wear it often. You are looking very sporty an fun in this outfit Liyana.
            What did you think of the new Nike scarf/hijab made for Muslim women athletes? (I forwarded an article last week.) Something like that would be cute with this outfit!

            1. It was so sweet of you to email it to me, Judy! I initially saw a girlfriend sharing it on Twitter, I thought it was such an exciting piece of news. Nike isn't the first sportswear brand to make an "athletic" hijab, but Nike IS the first huge brand catered to the masses to do so, which is why it's so exciting! I read that there was backlash and calls to boycott the brand (utterly ridiculous, and not just for the "political" or "social" reason, but imagine wanting to boycott NIKE, like, good luck guysss), so the fact that you were thoughtful to share with me the news did make me forget the ridiculousness for a long while. We'll have to wait till next year to get a feel of it though - and of course, I really really really hope it WILL arrive in Malaysia!

          3. You make this look easy Liyana!
            Who else could pull off such a masculine-inspired outfit and look so darn good???
            Love it!
            Fake Fabulous | Fashion & Style, over 40

            1. You're too kind, THANK YOU Samantha. To be honest I didn't put them all together hoping for a masculine-inspired look, but luckily for me everything worked out, and I actually really like the boyish effect! I always dress up in the morning before going out just hoping for the best, so I'm glad that this look scored points with YOU <3


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