You'd think wearing a hijab would mean I don't need the help of a beanie to keep my head warm, but nooooooo. God knows why; my body strangely loves distributing heat to the outer environment!

PS: Shah is always worried sick at how icy cold my feet can get but they are almost the norm for me whenever I'm in cold weathers — always been that way, since I studied in Christchurch. Does that happen to you guys as well?

    I've mentioned the debunked myth that most heat leaves through your head (supposedly 20% of body heat, but it's not true!), but I'm pretty sure a lot does leave through my feet — and then an additional 10% of whatever remaining heat flows away from my head.

    Hence, me needing a beanie (and thick socks of course), so thankfully I brought my trusty cat-ears beanie on this trip, that I first wore in Tokyo.

      You might have checked out the grey coat Shah bought for me but this navy blue bomber jacket from Zara was my chosen one. I don't think navy blue is anyone's go-to colour but I personally love it; somehow I feel like the colour has always suited my complexion, as weird as that sounds. I also wanted a waterproof jacket so getting this jacket was a no-brainer, plus the padding really does keep me extra warm and cosy (albeit only from the hips up).

        Pairing the jacket with pinstripe pants that I got on sale from a local brand (a local brand, YES!) and I also nicked Shah's Adidas t-shirt to go with it. Not my usual look but this whole garb feels a little androgynous and kind of cool (to me, at least), but I can't decide if those cat-ears are bringing the "hip" factor down a bit...or perhaps raising it? Not that it matters either way, because it's a constant cosy presence on my head here in Shanghai, and cosy is what really matters right now.

          What do you think of my slightly androgynous ensemble here?

          Wearing: Zara bomber jacket  |  Adidas t-shirt  |  Hotwind pants  |  Adidas Stan Smith sneakers  |  H&M beanie