It's been a week since I last blogged but not intentionally, though. I'm experiencing problems with my laptop's power button (it's dying on me nooooo), total Blogger's accessibility (I chalked it up to China's Internet cencorship), my VPN, and even the hotel's internet. It gets frustrating but I every time I tell myself I'm in Shanghai, I brush off my social media and World Wide Web concerns and think of the blessings instead. 

Still, I'd like to apologise for not being able to update my blog. Also, just as a warning: my laptop might just fail on me soon, so just in case if I don't come out with new posts after this (or the one after that, or the one after), it'll be from the lack of having an actual working laptop, most probably!

    Shah and I just got back from our little adventure in Beijing over the weekend but for now I want to share the outfit I wore to Shanghai Disneyland last weekend. It was exhilarating to be able to visit my third Disneyland (!!!), always a place that I feel truly fits its "The Happiest Place On Earth" slogan! I wish I had some Disney-inspired outfit to wear but since I didn't, I made do with this cosy golden-mustard sweater, these dark navy blue pinstriped pantswhich, aside from the colour, are identical to these grey ones!and my favourite tan varsity-style coat that I bought in Tokyo last year.

    I brought my favourite shades with me (worn here) and was like "All SET" but surprise surprise, I caved after seeing those aviator shades with a tiny Minnie bow on them, then promptly made them the accessory of the day.

      On top of the shades, Shah and I had done some little shopping prior to taking these photos and luckily Shanghai Disneyland had a special offer in celebration of International Women's Day: shop and get the cutest Mickey-print backpack for a mere 50 yuan, which is like RM 35 or less than 10 USDa complete bargain, and so handy to carry all our shoppings!

      Wearing: Sense of Place camel coat  |  Forever 21 sweater  |  Hotwind pants  |  Adidas Stan Smith

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