Fo realz, not kidding, I really do. I hope everyone is doing well, whichever part of the world you are located at at the moment!

The last time I blogged about my Shanghai Disneyland outfit, I lamented about not blogging for a week, but it has been over two weeks since that post. Again, not intentionally, I promise, and I'm sorry for the delay in getting another post out here.

I mentioned about my laptop's power button failing in my previous post but in the end that was not the downfall; suddenly it refused to connect to the Internet (an error I never encountered before) and my CPU usage stayed at 100% (!), rendering my laptop slower than ever. Shah and I tried to rescue my old 10-year-old laptop (no joke, it was TEN, and OK Shah was the one doing all the hard work since I'm such a techie noob) but to no avail.

I really wanted to fix it after arriving in Malaysia but even the real techy guys told us it would cost too much to fix. I know it's ridiculous to get attached to a laptop but it served me very well for the past ten years after all. Plus, I did found Affordorable on it!

So now I am currently working from a brand-new laptop that Shah and I purchased just last night (PS: My new laptop's pretty sweet, to be honest). This might sound a little random, but as sad as I am about saying goodbye to my old laptop, I am incredibly grateful that we are in the position to immediately buy a new one without hesitation. It reminds me of how far Shah and I have grown together as a couple, and how really lucky we are. (#blessed #forealz)

    Like I mentioned, we are now back in Malaysia from China! Coupled with some ups and downs, Shanghai was overall wonderful to us, and I'm looking forward to sharing a bit more about Shanghai — and Beijing, too — in my future posts.

    I'm still getting the hang of my new laptop, by the way! Everything feels different now: the keyboard, the mouse (a free wireless one I got), and even the brightness of the screen throws me off, no matter what setting I put it in, so even coming up with THIS post proved to be a bit of a challenge (I mean, TEN YEARS on the SAME laptop, guys!). My photos, which I edit the way I always do, look all wrong now, but I'm just going to soldier on!

    The short story on this outfit: here's a casual look I wore to a railway station in Shanghai (to buy train tickets to Beijing!), which included this cosy leopard print cardigan I found on sale at Bershka near my hotel, worn underneath the navy blue jacket I sported to Shanghai Zoo. I'm afraid it's a little too cosy to wear in Malaysia, but we'll see if it works here...

    Wearing: Zara jacket  |  Bershka cardigan  |  Levi's jeans  |  Mango t-shirt  |  Bershka slip-ons  |  Zara shades

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