A Little Bit of Leopard (+ New Laptop OMG)

Fo realz, not kidding, I really do. I hope everyone is doing well, whichever part of the world you are located at at the moment!

The last time I blogged about my Shanghai Disneyland outfit, I lamented about not blogging for a week, but it has been over two weeks since that post. Again, not intentionally, I promise, and I'm sorry for the delay in getting another post out here.

I mentioned about my laptop's power button failing in my previous post but in the end that was not the downfall; suddenly it refused to connect to the Internet (an error I never encountered before) and my CPU usage stayed at 100% (!), rendering my laptop slower than ever. Shah and I tried to rescue my old 10-year-old laptop (no joke, it was TEN, and OK Shah was the one doing all the hard work since I'm such a techie noob) but to no avail.

I really wanted to fix it after arriving in Malaysia but even the real techy guys told us it would cost too much to fix. I know it's ridiculous to get attached to a laptop but it served me very well for the past ten years after all. Plus, I did found Affordorable on it!

So now I am currently working from a brand-new laptop that Shah and I purchased just last night (PS: My new laptop's pretty sweet, to be honest). This might sound a little random, but as sad as I am about saying goodbye to my old laptop, I am incredibly grateful that we are in the position to immediately buy a new one without hesitation. It reminds me of how far Shah and I have grown together as a couple, and how really lucky we are. (#blessed #forealz)

    Like I mentioned, we are now back in Malaysia from China! Coupled with some ups and downs, Shanghai was overall wonderful to us, and I'm looking forward to sharing a bit more about Shanghai — and Beijing, too — in my future posts.

    I'm still getting the hang of my new laptop, by the way! Everything feels different now: the keyboard, the mouse (a free wireless one I got), and even the brightness of the screen throws me off, no matter what setting I put it in, so even coming up with THIS post proved to be a bit of a challenge (I mean, TEN YEARS on the SAME laptop, guys!). My photos, which I edit the way I always do, look all wrong now, but I'm just going to soldier on!

    The short story on this outfit: here's a casual look I wore to a railway station in Shanghai (to buy train tickets to Beijing!), which included this cosy leopard print cardigan I found on sale at Bershka near my hotel, worn underneath the navy blue jacket I sported to Shanghai Zoo. I'm afraid it's a little too cosy to wear in Malaysia, but we'll see if it works here...

    Wearing: Zara jacket  |  Bershka cardigan  |  Levi's jeans  |  Mango t-shirt  |  Bershka slip-ons  |  Zara shades

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    1. Hooray! I missed you Liyana and it's great to have you back once again! The leopard cardigan is very cute and should serve you well. How long has leopard been a go to?? L. O. N. G. !!!!
      I'm sure you'll get used to that new lap top in know time!! It will probably have some fancy new capabilities as well.
      So nice to see you iling face once again!!

      1. It sure is a fancy laptop, hahaha! Still getting used to it! Shah had way more fun picking out my new laptop than I did, though, that's for sure.

        I know, leopard print is just the most darling, isn't it? People always say the print is "bold" but the fact that it's lasted on the style scene for this long just goes to show that it is more of a 'neutral'than a brave choice, I'd say.


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