Currently In Chennai, India


I kind of still can't believe that I'm in Chennai! I arrived here with Shah on Sunday, where we managed to squeeze in some sightseeing before we gave in to jetlag. Although, is it called jetlag if your flight is only for three hours but requires you to wake up at 5am to leave for the airport, and you slept at 2am before that due to all the packing that needed to be done? I'd still call that jetlag, anyway...

This is another one of Shah's work trips but to be honest I can't believe how soon we got to travel again for his work, after coming back from China at the end of March; we only found out about the possibility on Monday. I'll be here for about a week but due to Shah's work, I won't be able to explore Chennai as much as I'd like to. But as always, I'm grateful to have the opportunity to see a little bit more of the world!

Sadly I didn't get to take many photos on Sunday (well, nothing Instagram-worthy, anyway) because everything felt pretty chaotic here. The city feels chaotic, if that makes sense; it's unlike any city I've visited, which makes it even more intriguing. Riding a yellow auto-rickshaw, like in the photo above, could be an experience similar to riding a rollercoaster, because some of the drivers are like daredevils!
PS: Check out that statue of Mahatma Gandhi above the rickshaw!

I'll continue to blog about China for now if that's OK, since I have plenty of stuff and outfit posts from my China trip that needed sharing. In the meantime, follow me on Instagram if you haven't, because I might post bits about India there!


  1. Marilee (Judy) GramithApril 20, 2017

    You are such a lucky young couple to have packed so much travel into your lives. Besides your cute fashions it's fun to enjoy different scenery and your take on people and culture.

    1. Yes, Shah and I both realised how incredibly blessed we've been. Never did we imagine our life would be filled with one overseas trip after another! Thank you for commenting, Judy XO


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