If you didn't know this, for the longest time, I was editing my blog photos using VSCO Cam app; I would edit them on my iPad and transfer them to my laptop. I thought it was the most tedious thing so when I got myself this new laptop I thought "FINALLY I can install the Lightroom that I got for free when I purchased my camera years ago!!!"

And now? Well, joke's on me, because as it turns out, Lightroom is a bitch (excuse my French). But anyway I'm using VSCO Film presets with it because I'm one of those people who live by the "Ain't nobody got time for that" quote, which is the quote I would use if you ask me "Why not just learn the ropes around Lightroom?"

Also, another one of my favourite quotes ever, which is by the brilliant Bill Gates:

"I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find a way to do it." 

You guys know what Bill was talking about? He was talking about  the me + my purchased presets situation, that's what. Still, I've only used Lightroom for less than a week (I spent HOURS editing this set, which was taken in too-bright lighting, I'm practically crying over here) so I'm still getting used to it!

•     •     •     •     •     •     •

I wanted this floral Zara top so bad at last year's year-end's sale, but I couldn't find it in my size in all the Zara in Klang Valley. I gave up on it, until one day I went to pick up my younger sister to go out and she was wearing this top (it belongs to our elder sister) so WIN-WIN for me because I can wear it without having to pay for it. Isn't having sisters the BEST or what?

I loved the idea of going detailed-on-detailed so I paired the top with my darling Mickey jeans that I first wore in Beijing.

      Shah and I visited the beautiful Zhouzhuang water village near Shanghai (did you know China has its own "Venice"? Incredible!) on a cold, cold day, which was why I double my socks layer (OK, also because I really wanted to try on my new blue fishnet socks, but why not?).

      Wearing: Zara top  |  Meters/Bonwe jeans  |  Bershka coat (the one Shah chose for me!)  |  Zara bag  |  Forever 21 fishnet socks  |  Meters/Bonwe peach fries socks (unfortunately you can't see the fries!)  |  Adidas Stan Smith

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