Army Green Jacket & More Mickey In Xintiandi, Shanghai

This is my second last outfit from China, and it's probably the most casual, most normal one out of all. Shah and I had a quick visit to the neighbourhood of Xintiandi, which is styled like a little European town. Shanghai is truly one of the most modern cities I've ever been to but it very much maintains its oriental root, however, Xintiandi is kind of the exception, with it feeling more like a getaway of some sort.

    A lot of expats hang out here because this is where they can indulge in cuisines from around the world (and most probably in their own hometown's comfort food!); if I had time I would have had my lunch at the Spanish tapas place (but made do with a salmon bagel and coffee instead), and there's also a Wolfgang Puck restaurant here, among many others.

    Aside from being a great spot for taking a break from Chinese food, Xintiandi also provides vintage-shopping opportunities; I found a 'lips' bangle in one of the adorable little vintage shops but didn't get to buy it because let me just tell you, the stuff they have there aren't exactly affordable so if you ever make your way here, make sure your wallet's loaded!

      About this outfit, well, I've been on quite the Mickey Mouse roll, haven't I? I mean, a Mickey bagMickey jeans, and more Mickey jeans? I managed to convince Shah to buy this sweater at Shanghai Disneyland, fully aware that I am totally able to take ownership of it once in a while! I've really been into oversized men sweaters, which started with this grey Edwin, followed by this Manchester United one.

      I must tell you guys about this army green sweater: it's about ten years old and is a lost-and-found item! I used to wear it allll the time when I studied in New Zealand. Somehow I misplaced it in one of the many, many boxes when moving into our house years ago, and just discovered it again late last year!

      Wearing: Mango jacket  |  Disneyland sweater  |  Levi's jeans  |  Converse sneakers  |  Zara bag

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      1. Marilee (Judy) GramithApril 29, 2017

        You have a great smile Liyana. Love your sneakers. Thanks for the tour of an interesting neighborhood!

        1. So kind of you to say that, thank you, Judy!!! <3 And yes, Xintiandi is certainly interesting.


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