Tied White Shirt + Striped Skirt in Chennai, India

You know what was my favourite part about Chennai? The food.

I dreadfully miss waking up to crispy dosa and a selection of vegetable curry and dhaals. The waiters asked me "Masala chai?" on my last morning there because that's what I ordered for breakfast every single morning. I had the cheapest whole lobster I ever had in my life in a nearby restaurant, cooked in a way I never tasted: chopped into huge chunks in dried curry of some sort, so good.

Besides the food, I indulged myself in some saree-shopping, which sounds weird because um well have you ever seen me in a saree?? The answer would be no — unless you were at Shah's and my wedding on his side, in which I did indeed don a saree! (I changed outfits twice on that day, madness I tell you.) I do own one oxblood saree which I've yet to wear so beats me why I wanted to buy even more saree but knowing me, well, it's not such a surprise, really! (PS: I could also turn some of the fabrics into traditional Malay wear, no worries guysss.)

    I was in Chennai for a week but sadly only had one window of opportunity when it comes to outfit photo. We were going along Marina Beach, a beach I thought was the longest I have ever seen in my entire life until I found out later it was one of the longest beaches in the world, stretching to about 13 freakin' kilometres (!!!). It was on a Sunday and since the beach happens to be an extremely popular hangout destination on weekends, we were stuck in traffic on our first day there. We were fast losing light so we asked the driver to stop at the side of the road to take these quick snaps.

    I'm not one to wear white when I travel but I decided to risk it in India, where it is just as hot and humid as Malaysia; a breezy skirt was the perfect companion for my tied white shirt.

    I didn't get to take much photos around Chennai with my camera but if you want to check out little bits of Chennai, check out my Instagram for them (and follow me there there if you haven't, of course!).

    Wearing: Seed shirt (men's, worn with black slim jeans here)  |  Avan Lily skirt (from this set)  |  Forever 21 socks  |  Adidas Stan Smith  |  Kate Spade bag

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    1. Marilee (Judy) GramithMay 04, 2017

      The combination of your red hijab and the cute skirt with red stripes is so cute. The sneakers look great with it and are your socks a little floral print?
      I'm not one bit surprised that you purchased sari while in India. I've never seen one that I didn't think was beautiful! I hope you will share them on the blog soon Liyana.
      I'm not a big shell fish fan and that lobster dish sounds delicious! How much longer will you be "on the road"?

      1. Yes, the floral printed socks were a random find of mine in Forever 21 in Shanghai! I keep hoping to bump into more similar ones in local high-street stores here but I haven't found anything as good, the printed ones are always too outrageous, and hard to match.

        I will definitely share a saree look on the blog - that is, when I get around to actually wearing one! In Chennai, almost everyone there wear a saree on a daily basis, and they were all beautiful, from the casual ones to the fancier ones.

        I'm already back in Malaysia! Have been so, in almost two weeks. I don't foresee travelling anywhere else anytime soon, but then again to be honest Shah's work has been taking us on unexpected trips all this while... If I do travel again I hope it'll be somewhere amazing.

    2. Hey girly, I just stumbled upon your blog from your Instagram and I must say that I am loving it! I would love to see you in a saree! And wow, I didn't know there was such a thing as the longest beach and it's in Chennai - how brilliantly cool is this? I adore your outfit as I love the flowy sporty vibe that you nailed here. And your blog is oh so awesome, I'll be back to haunt this space! Stay stylish :D xox

      1. Hi Shanaz!

        THANK YOU SO MUCH for saying these kind words about my blog, I can't tell you how excited I am to know I got a new reader, and I genuinely appreciate that you took time to leave comments to let me know that! Thank you <3

        I think Marina Beach it's not the longest in the world, but the second longest recreational beach or something like that...? Unfortunately, no bathing allowed, although not that I was planning on doing any swimming in Chennai! Unfortunate for the local people, that is, to have an unbathable (<---I made up this word) beach.

        Please do come back, I would very much appreciate it. I can see from your Blogger bio that you blog at Reverie Sanctuary (of which I've sneaked a peek) so I'll be browsing there too! XO


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