What I Wore To Yuyuan Garden & the Airport: Leopard-Print + Stripes

OK, I see it now. Leopard-print and stripes really actually do go well together, as I learned before this quick visit to Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai!

Except, um, maybe it'd be better if you don't throw a bright orange t-shirt into the midst. But more on that later...

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How do these bloggers have time to take a what-I-wear-to-the-airport outfit? I mean, it's not like I'm always rushing whenever I go to the airport, not at all. I do one thing at a time and suddenly it's "Oh look it's time for boarding already??" (Also, it doesn't help that Shah has free passes to the business lounge, which has way better food than in-flight's so I always fill up first, plus I eat real slow.)

And where do they put their luggage when they're taking photos? I mean, I'm always holding things in both hands even after I check in — things I can't possibly put down while I pose somewhere without constantly nervously glancing at my stuff, checking if they're there or if someone's tampering with them or whatever. (Is it this a rational fear, I think it is.)


    Basically, no time for airport photoshoot so I figured this out: do my what-I-wear-to-the-airport outfit before I actually get to the airport.

    •     •     •     •     •     •     •

    It was the day Shah and I were leaving Shanghai to go back to Malaysia. That very rainy morning, we made time to visit one last place, the Yuyuan Garden — which isn't as beautiful as the Humble Administrator's Garden in Suzhou, but pretty nonetheless!

    It can get pretty cold and uncomfortable sitting hours in planes so I decided to be super casual comfy and wear this cosy fuzzy leopard-print cardigan (first worn with jeans here). I love how it looks against the navy and white stripes of my pants (also love this grey version), except I really wished I had paired the cardi and pants with a plain navy or black t-shirt instead of this bright orange-red Adidas. That being said, it's still a t-shirt that I adore even though it's not the best choice here, AND even though it is so bloody hard to photograph! It looks neon in most photos, but rest assured it's tamer in real-life.

    So, question: what t-shirt would you have paired with this leopard cardi + striped pants?

        Wearing: Bershka cardigan  |  Adidas t-shirt  |  Hotwind pants (first worn to Disneyland!)  |  Adidas Stan Smith

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        1. Marilee (Judy) GramithMay 07, 2017

          I'd have done a dark t-shirt without embellishment. Although I like the Adidas t, it's just a bit too much pattern mixing for me.

          1. Yes, I completely agree with you on this, Judy!


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