On Adidas & Another Sequinned Sneakers | Great Wall of China

I blame my liking Adidas a little too much on Shah entirely. The story is: Adidas made a deal to sponsor Manchester United — his favourite football team, and by default, mine — for 10 years, and then suddenly our household has a 'no Nike/Puma/New Balance/Converse/other sports and shoe brands worth mentioning' rule.

I was very much indignant at first (especially because I really got into Converse after I got my first pair, but more on that brand later) but then I found out that I was able to pawn loads of Adidas stuff off of Shah, so I now very much like this rule.

Win-win situation, guys, and also, that's basically how I got hooked.

In fact, it was Shah who fell in love with these matching tee and jacket at an Adidas outlet before we left for Shanghai and insisted I get them, and they ended up being a part of my outfit for my visit to the spectacular Great Wall of China.

By the way, yes, I was at FREAKIN GREAT WALL OF CHINA GUYSSS. I still can't believe it myself sometimes. (!!!)

In preparation for our trip to Beijing for Great Wall of China, Shah discovered he needed a new pair of walking shoes, because, twist: his Stan Smiths, his only walking shoes, were hurting his feet (they were a half size smaller than his usual size, bless my sweet boy). Situation: Adidas in China is 33% more expensive than in Malaysia and coincidentally, Converse was having a massive 50% sale.

So guess who managed to convince her husband to get his very first pair of Converse and on top of that scored herself her very own sequinned high-top Converse?

Note: No prize for guessing correctly.

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Wearing: Adidas t-shirt and jacket by Rita Ora  |  Levi's jeans  |  Converse sneakers  |  Sense of Place coat

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