Chinos-Joggers & Derby Shoes On Rina

My older sister Fiza, younger sister Rina (who has been mistaken for my twin a couple of times even though she's six years younger than me and YES this is important to mention) and I all have very different style, but that's not to say we don't share things from our respective closets. For example, this little structured bag is currently in Rina's posession, while I exchanged my green-black-white leopard-print sweater with Fiza's floral embroidered top. I'm always saying sharing clothes is "what sisters are for".

PS: Even better if you have similar shoe size, but unfortunately for me I can't share shoes like Fiza and Rina can.

Sharing is fun but not everything goes, though. Just so you know, I like denim jackets a little too much but until today Rina (and her stingy assstill isn't ready to let me borrow this jacket she's wearing here, even though I was the one who picked it out at H&M Les Quatre Temps in Paris freakin four years ago when our dad asked me to help him buy something for his littlest girl.

Ah well, patience, I suppose.

Or, you know, maybe I'll just finally quietly borrow it when she's out on a date or something.

    PPS: Been meaning to share Rina's outfit for the longest time — check out the outfit I wore on this very same day.

    Rina wearing: H&M denim jacket  |  Mirrorcle sweater  |  Zara pants  |  Kate Spade bag  |  Pull & Bear derby shoes

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