How To Dress When You're Feeling Lazy & Still Look (Mildly) Cool

My one tip: Wear oversized men's shirt, tuck it messily into your jeans, add interesting accessories, and then tell yourself you look cool because you should always believe in yourself and your worth.

    Also, if no one else thinks you actually look cool or even mildly cool, YOU DO, gurlll.

    And oh, another tip: it'd be even better if you add an accessory that appears a little obnoxious  like my pair of shoes here. Anything obnoxious seems to help in upping the "cool factor" nowadays, if you can trust the street-stylers you see on Pinterest... (I obviously do.)

      I don't know about you guys but sometimes I induct something new into my wardrobe and I would assemble my entire outfit around that one thing; in this case, it was these lips print slip-ons. My little sister and her boyfriend spotted them on sale in a mall, took a photo of them and sent it to me with this message: "We KNOW you want these."

        Yep, my little sister knows me well.

            You guys ever planned an outfit around one item before?

            Wearing: Pull & Bear shirt (men's)  |  Bershka jeans  |  Flossy Style shoes (bought from Bratpack)  |  Natural Beauty Basic clutch (also in this gentlelady outfit!)  |  Meters/Bonwe fishnet socks (allll the way from Shanghai!)


            1. Marilee (Judy) GramithMay 23, 2017

              Absolutely! In fact shoes, hats, bags all require assembling the rest of the outfit in order to feature or play well with the new "item of focus" Those lippy shoes are so much fun! You did a great job of styling and I like you in the boyfriend shirt too!
              You seem a bit "blue" here Liyana. I'm so glad to see you smiling more at the end of this post.

              1. It's actually Shah's shirt, I borrow his shirts all the time as it's the easiest way to get this "oversized effect"! For some reason buying a few sizes bigger in the ladies'department doesn't quite have the same effect...

            2. Lazy coolness....Yes please!
              I love your obnoxious shoes, especially with those fishnet socks. Fab!
              And for the record, you would look cool in whatever because you have ATTITUDE.
              Love it!
              Fake Fabulous | Fashion & Style, over 40

              1. Is it weird that I kind of really enjoy people telling me I have attitude ( might be the first?), because most of the times I honestly feel like I don't actually possess it. So it helps to convince me that hey I CAN have an attitude, so thank you SO MUCH Samantha. I'm glad you love the shoes and socks (and so so flattered that YOU think I look cool)! XO

            3. Yes, I do this all the time as I'm always making sure that if the solo printed piece is loud, the rest of my wardrobe should be quietly complimenting it! I really admire your attitude, girl! About being comfortable and believing in yourself even if nobody thinks what you do/wear/say is cool. Hahah. This has been my motto too for the past months and I'm liking myself more and more. It puts the burden to be true to ourselves ON US! Instead of relying for outside approval. You sassy girl - I like you! Your OOTD is bomb and those shoes are too adorable! :D xox

              1. Hi Shanaz,

                The thing is I've gotten comments in the past about the way I dress. Nothing too unpleasant or mean, but maybe I could do without, if you know what I mean? But that actually spurred me on even more to be honest! I THINK I dress better now GENERALLY but I still make style choices I regret, but how will you learn otherwise, amiright? It's also good practice for "to heck what everybody else thinks"!

                Thank you for liking me, hahaha! I'm glad you like this look. Thank you for leaving such a sweet, thoughtful comment, I truly appreciate it. <3


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