Dress Over Jeans Trend | Quirky Shirt Top + Pleated Bottom Dress (With Millennial Pink!)

Dress Over Jeans and Millennial Pink Trends
Seoul is a real shopping haven, especially for someone with a small budget like me. So doesn't it not make sense that I managed to bring back only two additions to my closet? I mean, two measly things, can you believe it? If you had asked me prior to my trip, "Would you bring back only two things from your Seoul shopping excursions?", I'd have answered, "Haha when cats fly!"

PS: I really like cats, see previous Seoul cat cafe post!

I had seven days there, filled with trips to as many underground malls as possible PLUS the normal above-the-kind ones, too (they're big on underground shopping there) and yet...only TWO things? I definitely surprised myself — and Shah too, but I suspect he was more relieved than surprised...

Dress With Millennial Pink Pleats Bottom
    Dress Over Jeans and Millennial Pink Trends
    There really isn't a long explanation for it other than I didn't see many things that I felt I absolutely must bring back home (again, surprisingly, considering how many things I saw in Seoul).
    Also, um, has anyone else who's been to Seoul found that the cheap price tags match the quality of the stuff a little too much, if you know what I mean, and you gotta? Just wondering...

    This particular two-toned dress however did catch my eyes, for two reasons: 

    I had never owned anything like it. 
    The top part is made of a shirt-like material but unlike my white shirts, this material doesn't crease as much. LOVES IT. And the salmon-pink pleats? Simply adorable — hearts all around!
    (Also, fo realz, when I was editing these photos, the words "straitjacket chic" pop into my head and I immediately shook them off. HOW weird, right? I also think it's quite brave of me to even admit it here, FYI.)

    Dress Over Jeans Trend
    Stack Rings

    Or, I guess I should say "affordorability"? It costs less than RM 100, guys. That's less than 25 USD. For its quality = total bargainnn.

    It's a little short for me so this was the perfect opportunity to get in on some of the "dress over jeans" action. I have to say, for a hijabi like myself, this trend is super welcomed and PERFECT and I hope this styling trick will forever be acceptable in any city's street-style scene!
    Also, guys, MILLENNIAL PINK, how in tune am I with trends OMG.

    Millennial Pink Trend
      Dress With Millennial Pink Pleats Bottom
      Dress Over Jeans and Millennial Pink Trends

      I bought this dress in one of the many shopping malls in Dongdaemun named aPM Place. It's actually a wholesale shopping mall but unlike the other wholesale malls in Dongdaemun (there are plenty!), the stores in aPM Place lets you buy just one piece of whatever you want. If I were business-savvy and stuff, I'd definitely be lugging a whole lot more from this mall and I'd be making big bucks, I tell yah; the stuffs there are SO GOOD, and super affordable.

      So here's one tip for shopping in Dongdaemun in Seoul: find out if the mall you're going into is for wholesale shopping and if it is, if the stores in there will let you buy one piece and only one piece of whatever tickles your fancy there!

      Oh, another tip: No trying out clothes in most malls there (I wasn't even allowed to try on a jacket on top of what I already had on, pish posh) so, GOOD LUCK.

      Dress With Millennial Pink Pleats Bottom
      Wearing: aPM Place dress (can't find the brand!)  |  Meters/Bonwe jeans  |  Amori sneakers (even more comfortable than my Stan Smith can you believe it like dayummm; worn with Beetlejuice pants here and with sheer layering here!)

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      1. This is such an unusual dress! I LOVE the darling pleats on the bottom but the top 2/3 seems to be crying for something with equally pretty pastel colors to balance out the pleated bottom. I know that the heat of summer probably calls for a shorter hijab but a pretty drape around your shoulders would do the trick.
        Oh! A hijab with a pastel STRIPE would kind of replicate the stripe at the bottom of the dress...? Just a thought my dear Liyana! Love, Jude

        1. I purposely went for blacks this time so as to not be TOO sweet, if you know what I mean? Especially since I only had two shoes with me and the black hijab complements the black sneakers!

          But yes I think it would be SO pretty to have a soft colourful pastel hijab to go with the dress (will probably do so next time, I have a scarf in mind for it) and perhaps a pastel chunky heels to go with them? Not that I have pastel heels...but will improvise!


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