Eid Outfit: Electric Blue Scarf & Black Bedazzled Abaya

Excited to be sharing another Eid outfit with you guys!
Nothing fancy though, but, still, it's still Eid!!! (Sort of.)

This was my first black abaya EVER. It came with a matching black scarf but I had swapped that for an extra punch of colour, wearing this shiny, almost-glittery scarf I bought just one day before Eid recently. Plus, electric blue happens to be one of my most favourite colours!

I wore the same scarf but in brown on Eid itself, so, by the way I'm curious: which style of hijab do you like more, the one I did here with this blue or the fancier wrap thing I did on Eid? Let me know in the comment section down below guys!

There are so many similar black bedazzled abayas out thereI myself own an almost identical abaya with purple stonesbut the fact that this black-blue-silver one was gifted to me by Shah's sweet, sweet cousin whom I met when I stayed in Paris a few years ago made it really special to me.

    As much as I love a good comfy (and VERY forgiving!) dress like this black bedazzled abaya (or this year's Eid outfit or this sorbet caftan), I'm really starting to miss wearing the traditional baju kurung, so hopefully I can scavenge one from my closet room or the piles of clothes in the store room for when I "resume" celebrating Eid this weekend!

      Wearing: Abaya (from somewhere in Middle East!)  |  Zara striped dress  |  Zara mules  |  Swatch Twiddledee & Twiddledum watch

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      1. I love this shade of Blue on you Liyana!
        You look so beautiful and elegant.
        Those backless mules are catching my eye too.
        A fabulous look!
        Fake Fabulous | Style and Fashion, over 40

        1. Thank you Samantha <3 I love this shade of blue on me too haha, but hey I love it on YOU too! I have a dress in this blue shade - which I've worn on this blog more than once, so I'm kind of hoping to bump into another dress in this colour. It's a little tricky to find one, though, but scarf is a much easier option anyway XO

      2. I love this embellished abaya and you look really lovely in cobalt blue Liyana. I don't think I have a preference for a particlar type of hijab. I think your comfort and your judgement about what feels best with a particular outfit is what is most important. Not having worn one myself i don't think it would be appropriate. BUT! I do have a question... Are the shorter style scarfs usually reserved for more casual clothing and the long styles for more formal occassions? I'm thinking that shorter might be cooler and more comfortable... You always do a great job of coordinating the items in a look but it's interesting to know more about the hijab in daily wear!
        Love, Jude

        1. By the shorter one, do you mean the one I did with the brown scarf...? I think I feel equally cool (the cold kind) in both styles, or should I say equally hot, because it's Malaysia? Haha! But, hmmm, like the style I did with the blue here has the ends of the scarf wrapped around my neck (so theoretically it works warming-wise like a scarf) but for the brown one I twist the scarf twice around my head which means there is double layer on my head...so I honestly don't know one is necessarily better in making me feel less hot. (Does that make sense to you? I hope it does!)

          The thing is, there are so many styles for hijab-tying. SO MANY! I think I'm quite non-experimental when it comes to tying a long scarf into a hijab, but occasionally I do watch YouTube videos for hijab tutorial and attempt to replicate a fancy style, but I usually fail miserably! I've been trying to do a hijab-with-earrings look which looks so effortlessly cool on some hijabis, but it never feels right on me. I did do a post on wearing earrings on this blog, but taking photos and actually wearing the look out are two very different things, as it turns out...

          I don't know if others might find you giving your two cents on hijab style inappropriate, but I LOVE getting your opinions on ANYTHING style, Judy!

      3. Hey there sweetie, happy belated Eid to you. Yes to baju kurung please. The way you styled this abaya made it so modern and fresh. I love that you wore flat mules making this look even more comfy. That pop of blue energized the OOTD. You slayed! :D x

        1. Happy belated Eid to you too <3 <3 <3

          I think black abayas can feel a little bit, what's the word...rigid? For the lack of a better word! The fact that you like the mules with this abaya makes me think I definitely made the right decision to go with them instead of a more feminine (and proper) flats, because I was going back and forth with my choice of shoes before stepping out of the house!

          Thank you Shanaz for commenting here again! I hope you're having fun celebrating Syawal! XO


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