In case you're not from this side of the world, "Mak" is what I call my mommeeyh!

My mom, my little sister, and I went to an open house together with Shah after which I took the opportunity  to not only photograph the traditional baju kurung I had on but also my mom and my sister Rina's outfits of the day.

Note: "Open house" is what we call those Eid events where the host invites people over and these people basically just mingle about and most importantly EAT delicious Eid food that Malaysians love. Also the word "house" is used loosely in this term; we went to a hall on this particular day that was "open" from 2:30-6:30pm filled with thousands of people at a time with the yummiest selection of food, mmm.

My mom wore this pretty green baju kurung with a beautiful matching scarf. Unlike my traditional loose cut (oops, I mean her traditional loose cut), this green one is the more modern version with a slight narrower waist.

Actually my mom has no idea I'm posting this up on my blog (will tell her after I hit the "Publish" button!) but she looks so pretty here, I'm sure she won't mind <3

Rina's outfit is coming up so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Mak is wearing: Clark's sandals  |  Her beautiful youthful smile (that we siblings always have to remind her to show!)

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