Eid Outfit On Rina: Lavender Twist On Modern Baju Kurung

Rina's outfit here is very much reminiscent of my green and gold Eid outfit last year, and there is a reason for that: she borrowed that green top to bring to our tailor and said she wants to turn the 2-metre lavender hued material she had into something similar to my top.

Hers has long sleeves though (I wish mine had long sleeves!), plus its "wings" are a lot less dramatic! (Due to the fact that 2 metres of fabric wasn't enough, I think...?)

    The bottom part of Rina's outfit is made of a fabric that resembles a type of brocade that's long been a part of Malaysia's textile history called songket, which is also popular in other countries like Indonesia and Brunei. High-quality songket is hand-woven and could cost thousands; I know people who have bought up to RM 15k worth of songket fabric to turn into their one wedding outfit! I myself wore white songket on my wedding day but the ones that are "machine-made" can be very affordable, and can be just as pretty as the handmade ones — although nowhere near as exquisite, admittedly.

    I have actually borrowed the periwinkle scarf Rina wore here to pair with this pinstripes on pinstripes outfit and I even borrowed her usual hijab style, but why not?

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    1. The lavender color is always so tough to resist. When I was a teenager I painted my room this color. I even painted the waste basket and lamp shades. I just couldn't stop! I think it was the fact that my mom gave me permissionto do my own thing and boy did I!
      It's the gorgeous songket skirt that is my favorite part of this beautiful outfit! Rina resembles you and I love the fact that you do share clothing sometimes. As an only child i could only borrow from my mom on occasion. How long did you say that Eid was celebrated? Love, Jude

      1. Well, isn't that odd, because Rina's room is currently lavender now! Well, it was actually our room that we shared with our older sister. When my older sister went away for uni I painted the room bright chili red, believe it or not (I can't believe I did it now) because red is my favourite colour.

        I hope one day you could see a hand-woven songket in person, it's just beautiful. The interlacing threads might look scratchy (especially if you see them from the inside layer) but they're not - and even if they were a little bit, I think wearing the material is worth it!

        Eid fell on 25 June but we Malaysians tend to celebrate it all the way until, well, yesterday, technically, since today is already 25 July! Time moves so fast!

        I think you might know there are two Eid celebrations in Islam calendar...? The second one is called Eid al-Adha, and that will be in September (no fasting preceded that Eid though). In Malaysia it isn't celebrated as merrily (or as long) as Eid al-Fitr, but if I'm not mistaken in other parts of the world, they make a bigger celebration out of al-Adha compared to al-Fitr. Just to share some extra info with you =)


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