Rina's outfit here is very much reminiscent of my green and gold Eid outfit last year, and there is a reason for that: she borrowed that green top to bring to our tailor and said she wants to turn the 2-metre lavender hued material she had into something similar to my top.

Hers has long sleeves though (I wish mine had long sleeves!), plus its "wings" are a lot less dramatic! (Due to the fact that 2 metres of fabric wasn't enough, I think...?)

    The bottom part of Rina's outfit is made of a fabric that resembles a type of brocade that's long been a part of Malaysia's textile history called songket, which is also popular in other countries like Indonesia and Brunei. High-quality songket is hand-woven and could cost thousands; I know people who have bought up to RM 15k worth of songket fabric to turn into their one wedding outfit! I myself wore white songket on my wedding day but the ones that are "machine-made" can be very affordable, and can be just as pretty as the handmade ones — although nowhere near as exquisite, admittedly.

    I have actually borrowed the periwinkle scarf Rina wore here to pair with this pinstripes on pinstripes outfit and I even borrowed her usual hijab style, but why not?

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