Lookin' all business-like today, are we?
Well, the kind of "business-like" that includes a Disneyland clutch anyway, which is my kind.
(Note: I have never worked in an office / corporate world, so please don't take my "business-like" definition seriously.)

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This might be a little odd to say but navy blue happens to be one of my top five favourite colours. To me it is possibly odd since a part of my brain thinks navy blue is a bit of an unexciting colour, and yet a different part of my brain seems to have this idea that navy blue is a colour that complements my skintone.

Navy blue complementing someone's skintone? OK yes even I know that sounds weird. I wonder if there's like a science behind this, hmmm...? I don't know, there's been a few occasions where I was getting ready to put on a navy blue top or tie my navy blue hijab, and the moment it was on, I thought wow this really looks good with my skin and makeup. I don't think I've had that kind of realisation with any other colour.
Really — navy blue, guys. It is weird.

    I've always loved the idea of a one-tone casual suit (like this beige one) but I have yet to find an affordable matching suit (that really comes in a top + pants combo) at my favourite high-street stores, so the one tip I utilise is to just mix and match whatever's in my closet to suit my suiting needs!

    Obviously I love incorporating palazzo pants into a "suit" but I find wide-legged pants to be incredibly versatile; you can dress them up like I have here, or go casual for a fun day out.
    See: the same navy striped draped pants with striped kimono top for a casual example

    As a hijabi, wide-legged pants have made my dressing up easier more times than I can count; they're not only modest but looks so fashunnn, guys, especially if you're wearing the right pair that fits you perfectly!

    PS: By the way, can we please highlight the clutch for a while, because it was such an ahmayzing personal find of mine! I've been to three Disneylands so far: Paris, Tokyo, and Shanghai, and seriously until today I am amazed that out of all three of them, Shanghai Disneyland is the one carrying the most impressive fashion choices. I got a beautiful pink top with Cinderella's face on it from there as well that I have yet to share on Instagram and my blog, but I'm looking forward to doing so here in this space.

    Wearing: Glass Line long blazer  |  Pull & Bear "Lisa Simpson" t-shirt  |  no-brand draped palazzo pants  |  Aldo monk shoes  |  no-brand scarf

    And here are other ways you could wear different types of wide-legged pants, as shown here by these beautiful women I've met through the blogging world! Unlike me — who lives in a tropical country which means the four seasons don't really apply — these stylish ladies have dressed up their wide-legged pants in such summery vibes, and I'm just loving it!

    Ann Krembs, of Kremb de la Kremb

    Can't get over this gingham + white combo. I wish I could find a pair of white jeans that looks as good on me as this one looks on Ann. And look at how that super cute "fanny pack" (this is no longer an oxymoron, guys) ties the whole outfit together. Also, I just can't with the beautiful golden mustard shoes Annn has on, they're so pretty!

    Ann is wearing: Who What Wear for Target shirt  |  H&M white jeans  |  Forever 21 shoes  |  Forever 21 sunglasses  |  Shein earrings  |  TJ Maxx necklace  |  Hustle & Hide Co bag

    Anna Parkes, of Anna's Island Style

    Floral is such a huge trend right now so Anna knows what she's doing, just look at how show-stopping those pants are! The fact that she elevated her floral wide-legged pants with a classy white shirt and belting them together, combined with that blue background? I can just imagine Anna turning heads as she walks along the beach.

    Anna is wearing: Sainsbury's shirt  |  New Look pants  |  London Rebel shoes  |  Du Barre necklace  |  Gemporia rings  |  Quay Australia sunglasses  |  pre-loved belt, bangles, and belt

    Samantha Blair, of Fake Fabulous

    Samantha was the one who asked me to join in on this "wide-legged project", so thank you, Samantha! She's always had this knack for impeccable accesorising while mixing and matching and colour-blocking like a pro, which was what attracted me to her style. I don't know how she makes a dress top + wide-legged pants combo so effortlessly cool, like, how? Howww. There's always something in her outfit that I want to "steal", and in this case I need those floral embroidered shoes, gurrrlll.

    Samantha is wearing: New Look top  |  Fenn Wright Manson pants  |  Topshop flats  |  Topshop bag  |  Tahari sunglasses  |  Primark necklace

    I hope you guys you like all of these wide-legged looks! These three bloggers have been inspirational to me when it comes to continuing to blog about my evolving style, so do go check out all of their blogs, it's totally worth your time, guys! xxoo