Currently In Milan, Italy

Hi guysss. So, I'm in Italy now.

I mean, ITALY!!!

We are staying in Milan but Shah and I managed a quick day trip to Venice the day after we arrived in Milan. Venice is like in my top five favourite cities in Europe so I was SUPER STOKED to be able to visit it again, even when it was for less than 12 hours. Effort, energy, and money, all worth it, totally.

I'm here only for about six days so just want to let you guys know in advance that I'll be away from my laptop for a while. I'm looking forward to shooting my Italy outfits for this space, so please come visit here again OK?

In the meantime, I'll be updating my traveling stories on Instagram so if you haven't already followed me there, don't forget to follow @theliyanaaris!

Talk to you guys soon <3


  1. How exciting! How lucky you are to be so well experienced in the places, people and cultures of our world Liyana! Oooo not to mention the foods!!!! I'll be looking forward to your fashions from Italy!
    Have fun my dear and also, stay safe! Love,Jude

    1. Hi Judy! I'm now safely back in Malaysia, I had loads of fun in Italy, and all the yummy food, oh my! Thank you for your sweet comment, Judy. Will be updating my blog soon! xo


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