Romantic Floral Embroidered Black Mesh Dress in Venice, Italy

Zara floral embroidered black mesh dress with cutout boots
Honestly, people probably thought I was crazy, cruising around in the hot, hot Venice summer in my long-sleeved black top underneath this floral-embroidered black mesh dress. There I was, in the midst of shorts, mini-dresses, and flip flops — and in a pair of boots.

Boots in summer, guys.
Cutout boots, but, still.

    Zara floral embroidered black mesh dress with cutout boots
    No regrets, though. I distinctively remember what I wore when I first came to Venice (I have photos in FB as proof, too): a baggy brown long-sleeved t-shirt, ripped jeans, and flip flops. As comfortable as that garb was for a hijabi, it was not cute at all — except I did put on a sweet floral print aqua scarf, which in my opinion was my outfit's saving grace.

    Venizia Straw Hat in Venice
      Zara floral embroidered black mesh dress
      Zara floral embroidered black mesh dress with cutout boots
      This time around I made sure to wear something that I feel fits Venice's romantic vibe and my personal style as well; I thought this floral black mesh dress from Zara was "Venetian" enough. But it's not like me to go "romantic" all the way, which explains the pairing with my non-sensual Mickey jeans — one of my fave jeans evah — and the cutout boots I scored from H&M's recent sale.

      Zara floral embroidered black mesh dress with cutout boots and Mickey patch jeans
        10 euro Venezia straw hat in Venice
        Zara floral embroidery black mesh dress
        Zara floral embroidered black mesh dress with cutout boots
          I made sure to pile on the SPF on my face too as the sun in Europe is less forgiving than in Malaysia where there's constant supply of fluffy white clouds in the sky. But really, buying that wide brim straw hat from a local vendor was such a genius decision in preventing tan lines on my forehead from my hijab, which happened to me annoyingly plenty when I was living in Paris.

          Plus, isn't the hat just adorbs?

          Straw hat in Venice Italy
            Venice Italy
            Oh, and I also made sure of one thing: my outfit might not have to be as comfy as my icky brown outfit from my last trip to Venice, but it must be breezy enough to prevent me from fainting from the summer heat!

            All in good balance, guys <3 What do you think of my Venice outfit?

            PS: I evidently like my Mickey jeans with sheer things  and I really like see-through dresses too, like this peach mesh dress and my dark emerald green tulle one!

            Wearing: Zara floral mesh dress  |  Zara long-sleeved t-shirt  |  Meters/Bonwe jeans  |  H&M cutout boots  |  Zara striped bag


            1. I'm sure that Minnie woul think thhat everything about this outfit was romantic!!! For sure it's creatively on trend and hopefully NOT too hot gor Venezia! That hat was definertly a stroke of luck and looks very pretty on you Liyana!
              I purchased one of these embroidered netting dresses as well. I was inspired by a couple of bloggers that are older than you and younger than me. I'm not quite sure how I'll style ig in the upcoming cooler months. I just couldn't resist all the floral embroidery on the black netting. I'm forever smitten by embroidered clothing!!
              I hope that you and Shah had some romantic moments in Venice. Have fun and stay safe my dear! Love, Jude

              1. Thankfully the outfit was perfectly fine for a hot day in Venice - although it may not look that way, plus, to be honest I do think all the black and dark floral are more suitable for cooler seasons rather than summer. I also have to admit, my icky outfit from my last trip to Venice was way more weather-appropriate (we went during summer back then too) but really I am so happy to have photos of me in Venice looking more presentable!

                I would LOVE to see your embroidered netting dress! Perhaps you could send me a photo of you in it once you have decided on how to style it? =)

                I've always thought of Venice as one of the most romantic cities I ever visited. Shah didn't enjoy our trip there four years ago but I am so happy he changed his mind about Venice with this trip, he loves it just as I do now xo


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