As a hijabi I personally find that it isn't easy to embrace any trend fully. For example, do you guys know how hard it is to track down a maxi-length metallic pleated skirt? I mean, whyyy do the ones I found in my favourite high-street stores all have to be three-quarter in length?(??) Sure, I could add leggings or socks or whatever underneath, but, I kind of don't want to...?

Even the ruffles trend had me exasperated for a while in the beginning of their emergence, because all the ruffled tops I came across had their ruffles oh so very strategically placed around the neck, which is the area a hijabi tends to cover up.
Thankfully, certain trends do evolve; I just purchase a denim top from Zara with ruffles along the back of the sleeves that snakes across my the upper part of my body below the back of the neck as well, so, results! (Hard to picture? You'll see it here soon hopefully!)

White Shirt Under Off-The-Shoulde
Mango floral embroidered denim mules

      Mango off-the-shoulder strappy striped blouse top
      Of course, off-the-shoulder isn't a trend that I can imagine evolving in that sense. I's off-the-shoulder, and that's it, right? The point of the existence of this kind of top is shoulders are meant to be bared when one wears an off-the-shoulder top. that the point?
      Well, obviously I decided that is not the point, as illustrated in this post. No shoulders bared here, see?

      Mango off-the-shoulder strappy striped blouse top
      How To Make an Off-the-Shoulder Top Hijab-appropriate
      This is hardly an original style "hack"; I've seen a few fashionable hijabis on Instagram layering various kinds of shirts and tees underneath cute off-the-shoulder tops, but I like the clean effect a white shirt gives the most!

      I was actually originally going to layer this striped off-the-shoulder blouse from Mango over a dark blue long-sleeved Airism t-shirt (if you guys never heard of Airism, it's like the "Heattech of Summer" provided by Uniqlo, cooling to the skin in high temps, is it available in your country?) but I'm glad I went with my white shirt instead.

      I lugged most of my new closet additions from Malaysia all the way to Italy, which includes these statement jeans I scored at H&M's sale  which I am UHBSESSED with, I mean, look at the mismatched hems guysss. As for the mules, they were a consolatory prize after I couldn't find a pair of black oriental-style mules from Zara I lusted after, but I probably would like them both equally as much.

      Milan Italy Street and Tram
        How To Make an Off-the-Shoulder Top Hijab-appropriate
        Mango floral embroidered denim mules
        Of course, wearing layered tops in the heat of Milan was a bit crazy, I must say. Unlike my usual shopping sprees in air-conditioned malls here, I walked the hot streets of Corso Buenos Aires on this day. Luckily for me I had a girlfriend currently living in Milan so it was nice to have company, but woah were we parched after we were done with shopping afterwards!

        No worries, though; aside from the unattractive sweating (which hopefully was not visible to every single person I came across) I was comfortable enough, plus I had quite the successful shopping excursion so no regrets!

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        Wearing: Seed white shirt (men's)  |  Mango off-the-shoulder striped blouse  |  H&M jeans  |  Mango denim mules  |  Zara bag

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