A Good Boxy Blazer & My Favourite Two Toned Frayed Jeans

I wore this outfit on my way back from Italy, in which Shah and I had about 15-hour long transit in Dubai. I know a 15-hour transit sounds horrendous, but don't worry: we could have chosen to wait for only two hours before our next flight out to Malaysia but we picked a connecting flight wayyy later than our AM arrival time in Dubai very much on purpose!

Both Shah and I had never been to the UAE and saw a transit as the golden opportunity to experience the country for a bit. It's not the same as staying there and immerse one's whole self into the local culture, but, hey, why not just dip our toes in when we get the chance?

    This particular oversized boxy navy blazer was actually a score of mine from a Mango store in the shopping street of Corso Bueno Aires in Milan, for sale at 19.90 euros! My long navy blue blazer (worn more recently with my Alice in Wonderland clutch) is similar but this Mango one is boxier and a lot thinner, meaning it's more comfortable to wear in hot and humid Malaysia and the hot, hot city of Dubai.

    Not that Shah and I ventured out into the heat too much; we stayed in the Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates most of the time, only stepping out for five minutes or so to experience the 10-degree-hotter-than-Malaysia weather — which, if you haven't noticed, meant having to shoot my outfit in the cool comfort of a mall. Thankfully the Mall of Emirates has a big beautiful glass dome-type ceiling, allowing some natural light to come through!
    (PS: I never wear makeup on flights, hence, the huge sunglasses to mask undereye circles)

      A good tailored blazer is a staple, sure, but a more casual boxy cut blazer just has its charms that I find so, so appealing. It's classic yet trendy, effortless but impactful. In fact, I think it is arguably THE one piece that I think any hijabi should own! Like, fo realz, guys, there's no easier way to look modestly chic: just throw a boxy blazer on top of your favourite jeans or maxi skirt, add some pizzazz with your favourite accessories and you're good to go!

      I love pairing blazers with statement jeans, like these two toned frayed ones. I'm kind of uhbsessed with them at the moment guysss, they're my top jeans pick now except I'm worried about wearing them too often and wearing them out! They're actually from the very same Mango store I got the blazer from, and on sale too! With these two new faves, I already felt I really indulged in some good sale-shopping that day.

        What do you think of my new Mango purchases here? Are you into both of them like I am?

        Wearing: Mango boxy blazer  |  Topshop t-shirt  |  Mango two toned frayed jeans  |  Stradivarius fishnet socks  |  Adidas Stan Smith  |  Natural Beauty Basic clutch (last seen with different frayed jeans)

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        1. I love this Liyana!
          That scarf is SO pretty.... and the red bag?!?! LOVE.
          Such a fab look.
          Pleeeeeeese pop over and add it to my little link up!
          Fake Fabulous | Fake it until you make it! Style Tips & Fun with Fashion, over 40

          1. Thank you, Samantha! Very happy you love the look =D

            I've added the link to your link! Hope it's linked up in the correct place xo

        2. I like your new Mango purchases a lo Liyana!! It's a bit difficult to see the details of the jacket but it looks like a classic cut, it's a beautiful navy blue a nice length and best of all YOU love it!!!
          The jeans look really cool. Is there an additional seam running down the front of the leg or is there another type of decorative treatment there? They're very cute on you.
          I'm loving your scarf!! The print has a lovely abstract look and the colors seem so subtle and pretty. It's very flattering to your your complexion. Love, Jude

          1. Yay, I'm glad you like them! I see what you mean; the blazer is dark and shooting it indoor meant less-than-stellar lighting, which makes editing harder for me. I'm excited to style the blazer in a different way, so hopefully I can show the blazer better next time.

            The jeans have seams running down the front part, so it's like they stitched up two different coloured denim materials together. I love that detail on them SO MUCH.

            I purchased that scarf in Seoul months ago but never got the chance to wear it, but more because I couldn't decide what to pair it with. I brought it with me on this trip without knowing what to wear underneath it, so I was so happy to found this dark blazer!

            Thank you for your lovely comment Judy, as always <3

        3. I'm thinking that your new scarf will be really versatile!! I love it's abstract vibe. Have you ever created a tie dyed scarf??

          1. It might just be, fingers crossed!

            And by the way, no, never done so! I am honestly the worst at DIYs, unfortunately I didn't inherit my mom's DIY-awesomeness genes...


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